Alex Hanifin 

 April 20, 2019

Alex Hanifin, a native of Boulder, CO, has been in the natural products industry for just over 10 years. Alex joined the marketing team of Justin’s when the company was still a small brand, and that is where she discovered her love for not only the businesses that made up the natural products industry, but the people in it. After Justin’s, Alex met Jane Miller and Doug Radi, the CEO and VP of Rudi’s respectively, and knew she had to work for them. Rudi’s was acquired by Hain Celestial, which also brought Alex into a much larger company. Wanting something a little smaller, Alex decided to jump over to Boulder Brands where she was responsible for managing the Gluten-Free Category for
numerous brands in the portfolio. After the acquisition of Boulder Brands by Pinnacle, Alex was promoted to manage the EVOL Foods business. In 2015, Alex started her own business and launched Alpine Start, one of the first instant coffee brands to challenge Starbucks VIA. In 2018, Alex exited, leaving a company that is still one of the fastest growing instant coffee companies. With the joy of being a part of an up and coming brand, Alex is serving as VP at Good Crisp, an Australian brand that launched in the USA in 2017 and has launched nationally in Wal-Mart and Whole Foods, hitting multi-million dollar sales. When she isn’t managing brands, Alex was most recently the Chair and Board President for Naturally Boulder, which is a local organization supporting natural product entrepreneurs and executives. Naturally Boulder is responsible for branching off and launching Naturally Network, which is bringing the same programming nationally to other communities such as Chicago, San Francisco and Austin. With a passion to create more diversity, Women on Boards Project is Alex’s latest venture with the hopes to bring more Women and diversity into the boardroom through Private Equity and Venture Capital firms.


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