Dr. Stephanie Gripne
Stephanie Gripne, Ph.D. is recognized as one of Colorado’s top CEO’s in 2022, Dr. Stephanie Gripne is the Founder, CEO, and[...]
Anna Straus
Anna Straus (they/she) is the Operations & Reporting Manager for Growing GRASS, a USDA Climate-Smart Commodities project. After obtaining a[...]
Jessica Hulse Dillon
Jessica has spent her career creating system change through partnerships, focusing on elevating the voices of those with lived experiences to[...]
Sara Hill
Sara is Sr. Director of Sustainable Materials and Products for VF Corporation, parent company to outdoor & active brands, including[...]
Andrea Malmberg
I have lived most of my life on the land with livestock and authentic food in the western United States.[...]
Faith Flanigan
Making the world work through radical systems change. Faith Flanigan, is the Interim Executive Director of the Buckminster Fuller Institute,[...]
Tonya Price
Tonya is a dreamer, an attorney, a runner, a partner, and a dog mom. She has served in a number[...]
Katie Fettes
Katie Fettes is the Programs Manager at Land Core, a nonprofit organization advancing soil health policies and programs that create[...]
Larkin Martin
V. Larkin Martin manages Martin Farm, a family farm in Courtland, Alabama. The farm operates on owned and rented land.[...]
Cat Zummer
Cat Zummer is cofounder of Niche Solutions Group and Integration Collective and serves businesses that are doing their best to[...]
Pamela Chaloult
Pamela’s career has been defined by a deep commitment to serve and develop exceptional leaders. She has a superpower of[...]
Angela Rassi
Angi Rassi is a growth accelerator, senior business leader and executive coach that is passionate about scaling high potential businesses[...]
Tina Swithin
Tina Swithin is the author of Divorcing a Narcissist (series) and founder of One Mom’s Battle, Family Court Awareness Month[...]
Sophia Raken Armen
Sophia Armen is a Middle Eastern-American community organizer and writer from Los Angeles, California. She is the co-founder and serves[...]
Julia Mande
Julia Mande is a facilitator and project manager for awareness-based systems change. She works with leaders in environmental, social, and[...]
Kylie Wagner
As Farmland Program Director, Kylie Wagner created and developed Kiss the Ground’s now national and growing Farmland Program. Kylie's hands-on[...]
Melissa Kelii
Melissa's life experience as a business owner, designer, and proud parent, all inspire her in her unwavering passion to harness[...]
Michelle Kelly
Making connections between people, ideas and organizations is one of Michelle’s strengths and passions. She brings this to her work[...]
Dr. Liza Keānuenueokalani Williams
Liza is Kanaka Maoli (Native Hawaiian) and was born in Hawaiʻi and raised on the island of Oʻahu. In her[...]
Caitlin Olsen
Caitlin is the Operations & Programming Manager at the Climate Collaborative. Her responsibilities include assistance with outreach and programming efforts[...]
Jessica Kenny
Jess is from Curitiba, Brazil, and has a B.A. in Development Studies from Brown University. She is the Senior Program[...]
Susan Skjei
Susan Skjei, Ph.D. (last name pronounced “shay”) has been consulting with leaders, executive teams and boards of non-profit organizations, businesses,[...]
Rachel Pretorius
At the impressionable age of thirteen, Rachel was uprooted from an active Gauteng social life and planted on a remote[...]
Marcela Olivera
Marcela Olivera is a water commons organizer based in Cochabamba, Bolivia. Since 2004 she has been helping to develop and[...]
Nora Bateson
Nora Bateson is an award-winning filmmaker, writer and educator, as well as President of the International Bateson Institute, based in[...]
Dr. Dianne Regisford
Dr. Dianne Regisford is a mother, dynamic social sculpture practitioner, social impact entrepreneur, cultural diversity advocate, racial equity strategist, poet[...]
Emily Alati
After growing up in Virginia and attending college in Richmond and Charlottesville, I ventured up to New England to begin[...]
Katrina Little
Katrina Little is the UX Designer and Researcher for Soil Centric. Most recently, she worked in collaboration with Dr. James[...]
Sherry Hess
Sherry Hess, the living flavor advocate, Tedx Speaker, and founder of The Flavor Remedy, is here to stand up for[...]
Linda Black Elk
Linda Black Elk is an ethnobotanist and food sovereignty activist specializing in teaching about culturally important plants and their uses[...]
Donna Kilpatrick
With over 25 years of experience in agriculture, Donna Kilpatrick specializes in pasture-based livestock production, ecosystem restoration and land stewardship.[...]
Erin McMorrow
Hi, I’m Erin. I’m a multidimensional spiritual freedom guide. I assist people in getting out of their own way in[...]
Niquole Esters
Niquole Esters is an environmental conservationist with a passion for the oceans and geopolitics. With a background in international relations,[...]
Jen Cates
With over twenty years in operational and human-resource leadership positions, Jen's expertise is in designing and creating employee retention and[...]
Beth Jensen
Beth Jensen is Director of Climate+ Impact at Textile Exchange, the leading global nonprofit organization dedicated to accelerating the use of[...]
Karen Washington
Karen Washington is a farmer and community activist, striving to make the New York City a better place to live.[...]
Tiffanie Drayton
Tiffanie Drayton is a mother, world traveler, and journalist whose work has been featured in The New York Times, Vox,[...]
Cara Chacon
Cara has worked in the corporate responsibility industry as an executive, consultant, trainer and auditor for the past 24 years.[...]
Penny Tompkins
Penny Tompkins is the Manager of CSR at Charlotte's Web, the World's Most Trusted Hemp Extract.  She joined Charlotte's Web[...]
Nancy Astarae Metcalf
Nancy Astarae Metcalf is Dr. Bronner’s Senior Marketing Manager. She joined Dr. Bronner’s in 2014 to support the nationwide public[...]
Gina Asoudegan
Gina Asoudegan is Vice President of Mission and Regenerative Agriculture at Applegate, the nation’s leading natural and organic meat brand.[...]
Tyson Sampson
Tyson Sampson is a two-hearted and two-spirited individual whom has descended from the local indigenous matriarchy called the ᎠᏂᎩᎶᎯ (A-ni-gi-lo-hi).[...]
Angela Dawson
Angela Dawson is a fourth-generation midwest farmer, a cooperative advocate and a public health researcher with 25 years experience of[...]
Amit Hooda
Secteur 6 founder and CEO  Amit have spent his lives creating conscious businesses in tech, CPG and real estate. Amit’s[...]
GT Dave
Revolutionizing the way people think and feel about Kombucha and fermented foods, GT Dave is sharing a message & lifestyle[...]
John Ghingo
John F. Ghingo is the president of Applegate, the nation’s leading natural and organic meat brand. He joined Applegate in[...]
Chris Oliviero
Chris Oliviero has more than 20 years of management, marketing, no antibiotics ever and organic protein experience. He started his[...]
Dawn Sherman
Dawn Sherman brings over 25 years of business expertise and entrepreneurial skills to her role as CEO of Native American[...]
Eve Turow-Paul
Eve Turow-Paul is an author, globally-recognized thought leader, and founder and Executive Director of Food for Climate League. Her latest[...]
Gibson Thomas
Gibson grew up in the South where she learned the power of good food, and bringing people together around the[...]
Zeenab Aneez
Zeenab is the Communications Manager at the HEAL Food Alliance. Through her work at the HEAL Food Alliance, she's had[...]
Brian Wachtler
Brian Wachtler is the President of Haberman, a marketing communications agency with a clearly defined mission — to tell the[...]
John Foraker
John is the Co-founder and CEO of Once Upon A Farm, a company with the mission of providing yummy  and[...]
Anne Malleau
Anne Malleau is the Executive Director for Global Animal Partnership (G.A.P.), the leading farm animal welfare standards and labeling organization[...]
Ryan Fletcher
Ryan Fletcher is Director of Public Affairs and Media Relations at Dr. Bronner’s, the top-selling natural brand of soap in[...]
Armando ‘Mandu’ Medinaceli
Armando Medinaceli, Ph.D. is a Bolivian ethnobiologist with extensive experience collaborating with indigenous peoples in Bolivia, Mexico, and Guatemala as[...]
Yoli Ouiya
Yoli Ouiya is a driving force in the Global Sustainability and Wellness movement. Yoli’s interest in sustainability and wellness began[...]
Paul J Lynch
At his core, Paul Lynch is an activist/artist/academic. He utilizes the power of story to solve problems, build awareness, and[...]
Russell Diez-Canseco
Russell believes it is possible to produce ethical food at scale, and year-by-year his efforts help prove it. Under his[...]
Michael Murray
Mike Murray, CEO of Teton Waters Ranch, was hand-selected to set, lead and execute an inspiring new Vision and Growth[...]
Lisa Mabe-Konstantopoulos
Lisa is the Founder & CEO, Green Purse PR, a highly-specialized marketing communications consultancy in Washington, DC with expertise in[...]
Sarah Mock
Rural life was a passion of mine long before it became my career. I grew up milking goats on a[...]
Max Goldberg
I’m just a regular person who decided to take his physical and mental health into his own hands. Along the[...]
Chris Newman
Sylvanaqua Farms’ co-founder, Chris Newman, is a permaculturalist and an outspoken evangelist of ecological, economic, and social sustainability in food.[...]
Chris Bentley
Chris Bentley has a long history of successful entrepreneurship and relationship-building. He was a founding partner of Aspen Pet Products,[...]
Mitchell Hora
Mitchell Hora is a 7th generation Iowa farmer and the Founder/CEO of Continuum Ag.  His farm has stressed the importance[...]
Eric Deeble
Eric is a large animal veterinarian (University of Pennsylvania, 2013) who prior to joining NSAC worked in the US Senate[...]
Esther Park
Esther is the CEO of Cienega Capital, a regenerative investment firm utilizing an integrated capital approach to systemic change in[...]
Ali Morrow
Ali is a Principal at Astanor Ventures, a venture capital firm investing ‘where tech meets nature’ to seed a food[...]
Gabriel Wilmoth
Gabriel works as a consultant and executive with agriculture-related companies and investors.He currently serves on the Board of FluroSat, MicroTerra,[...]
Clint Brauer
Clint Brauer is a former executive from LA’s technology industry who went home to Kansas to get back into farming,[...]
Pablo Borquez Schwarzbeck
Born and raised in a 4th generation farming family from Mexico, Pablo brings over 10 years experience in the fresh-produce[...]
Britt Lundgren
Britt Lundgren is the Director of Organic and Sustainable Agriculture at Stonyfield. She has over fifteen years of experience working[...]
Bryce Lundberg
Bryce Lundberg is a board member and Vice President of Agriculture at Lundberg Family Farms, a fourth-generation family business that[...]
Jennifer Astone
Jen Astone is a financial activist and philanthropic leader. She founded Integrated Capital Investing to help foundations and investors align[...]
David LeZaks
David LeZaks, Ph.D., Senior Fellow, is an environmental scientist and financial activist whose work is centered around developing innovative mechanisms[...]
Cornelius Blanding
Cornelius Blanding began his career in development work as an economic development intern for the City of Miami Beach. Since[...]
Jenette Ashtekar
Jenette Ashtekar Jenette Ashtekar Jenette Ashtekar After over 8 years managing and evaluating food security and rural health programs in[...]
Jenny O’Connor
After over 8 years managing and evaluating food security and rural health programs in East Africa for a variety of[...]
Aymeric Maudous
Aymeric holds 2 Master’s Degrees: one in International Marketing, completed in San Francisco, his second Master’s in Environmental Management from[...]
Arohi Sharma
Arohi Sharma advocates for policies that protect and restore rivers and aquatic ecosystems in California and promote regenerative agricultural practices[...]
Wizipan Little Elk
An enrolled Rosebud Sioux Tribe member, Wizipan Little Elk is a nationally recognized young Native leader. Wizipan first met Barb[...]
Bill Day
Bill Day has worked in the food industry for over 20 years, focusing on business models for specialty crops like[...]
June & Angie Provost
Wenceslaus Provost Jr., aka June, is a fourth generation farm owner. His extensive background of over 25 years in agriculture[...]
Rick Clark
Rick Clark is a 5 th generation farmer from Williamsport, IN. The main goal on Rick’s farm is to build[...]
Jesse Smith
Jesse is the Director of Land Stewardship for White Buffalo Land Trust and has been working for the past 7[...]
Cheryl Pinto
Cheryl Pinto leads Global Values Led Sourcing for Ben & Jerry’s, Vermont’s iconic, progressive ice cream company. As the company’s[...]
Bethany Davis
Bethany Davis is the Director of Advocacy and Government Affairs for MegaFood. She is the President for the Coalition for[...]
Martin Goter
Martin Goter is a certified Organic and Biodynamic farmer operating on just over 1000 acres near Woodworth, ND. Largely influenced[...]
Anna Jones-Crabtree
Anna and her husband Doug own and manage Vilicus Farms, a first generation, organic, 9,600 acre dryland crop farm in[...]
Kristy Lewis
Kristy Lewis is the Founder/CEO of Quinn Foods LLC, based in Louisville, CO.  Kristy, mom of three little boys, launched[...]
Jessie Deelo
Jessie Deelo founded Deelo Consulting Services to design and execute sustainable sourcing programs for suppliers and food companies. Building off[...]
Amy Brinker
Amy Brinker is the Sustainability Manager for Kamehameha Schools (KS).  In her role, she supports sustainability strategy and programming across[...]
Douglas Gayeton
In 2009 Douglas Gayeton founded the Lexicon alongside his partner and Laura Howard-Gayeton. The Lexicon’s Work work accelerates the adoption[...]
Kelsey Scott
Kelsey Scott is a fourth generation tribal rancher that calls the Cheyenne River Sioux Nation home. She’s the owner of[...]
Anne Digges
With backgrounds in architecture and publishing design Anne brings clear communication and bold impact to visual messaging. As principal and[...]
Anna Bohbot
Anna V. Bohbot (Zulaica) is a Cal alum, Chef and cookbook author in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Anna is[...]
Doniga Markegard
Doniga Markegard is a wildlife tracker, regenerative rancher, speaker, and author. Her teen years in nature school started her on[...]
Jessica Chiartas
Jessica Chiartas is a PhD candidate in Soils & Biogeochemistry at the University of California, Davis.  Her research focuses on[...]
Wendell Gilgert
Wendell was born and raised in Northern California on a fourth generation family farm in eastern San Joaquin County.  Heavily[...]
Anthony Myint
Anthony Myint is a chef/food activist who co-founded and operates the non-profit Zero Foodprint and Mission Chinese Food (SF). His[...]
Chelsea Carey
Dr. Chelsea Carey is the Working Lands Research Director and Principal Soil Ecologist with Point Blue Conservation Science, a California-based[...]
Jeremiah McElwee
A twenty seven year veteran of the Natural Products industry, Jeremiah has been on all sides of the business and[...]
Zachary Angelini
Zack leads the development and implementation of Timberland’s global product sustainability strategy, setting public-facing goals and driving internal processes to[...]
Carol Sanford
Carol Sanford is the Senior Fellow of Social Innovation, Babson College; CEO, The Regenerative Paradigm Institute, Educator and Social Change designer for[...]
Lesley Roberts
Lesley Roberts is the founder of OceanParkStudio, a marketing and strategy firm that believes in the power of thoughtful ideas, creative[...]
Heather K. Terry
Heather K. Terry is a CPG mentor and angel investor, the author of From Broadway to Wall Street, a Partner[...]
Krystle Moody Wood
Krystle Moody Wood is the founder and principal consultant of Materevolve, LLC ( pronounced mah-teer-ee-vaalv), a technical textile consultancy driven[...]
Helen Crowley
Dr. Crowley is currently on a sabbatical year from Kering where she was Head of Sustainable Sourcing Innovation. She is[...]
Victoria Kindred Keziah
Victoria serves as General Manager for Client Engagement at Biomimicry 3.8, where she works with the firm’s clients to develop[...]
Danielle Nierenberg
In 2013, Danielle Nierenberg co-founded Food Tank with Bernard Pollack, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization focused on building a global community[...]
Pete Dignan
Pete Dignan works with purpose-driven organizations to implement more adaptive, human-centered ways working. He is the founder of Ever Better, a[...]
Martin Lemos
Martin comes to the Coalition with a diverse background in sustainable agriculture and food systems. His experience includes directing farm[...]
Lauren Yarmuth
Lauren Yarmuth joined Stone Barns Center as Executive Director in 2019, and is currently spearheading a special project sponsored by[...]
Laura Storm
Laura is an international keynote speaker, author, advisor and expert on sustainability leadership and has spent her entire career advising[...]
Patrick Robinson
A celebrated American designer with more than 25  years of experience in the fashion industry in  America and Europe Born[...]
Paul Dolan
First as winemaker and president of Fetzer Vineyards, and now as CEO of Truett Hurst, fourth-generation winemaker Paul Dolan has[...]
Mary McCarthy
Mary is a Principal Strategist for Forum for the Future and focuses on Forum’s sustainable nutrition work aimed at transforming[...]
John D. Liu
After 15 years as a Television Producer and Cameraman for CBS News, RAI and ZDF John began to study ecology.[...]
Felipe Villela
Felipe is a Brazilian environmental entrepreneur and Founder of reNature. A Dutch/Brazilian organization with extensive knowledge & experience in Regenerative[...]
Claire Wills Diquet & Gaëlle Bonnieux
GonneGirls Farm is in its first season. Gaëlle and Claire founded this little regenerative farm of 14ha produces vegetables and[...]
Cee Stanley
Clarenda "Farmer Cee" Stanley M.Ed is CEO of Green Heffa Farms, a medicinal plants and herb farm in Liberty, NC[...]
Christiana Musk
Christiana Musk is a food nerd and the founder of Flourish*ink, a platform for catalyzing conversations on the future of[...]
Anna Coughlan
My husband and I own properties in Southern NSW, Australia. We manage our cattle on Holistic Management principles, and have[...]
Cole Bush
A self-deemed ‘urban shepherdess’, Brittany Cole Bush, AKA Cole is a regenerative agriculture and land management specialist. Cole aids in[...]
Isidora Molina
Isidora is the Founder of Efecto Manada, the Chilean Hub of Savory Institute. She studied Veterinary Science, has a diploma[...]
Judith Schwartz
Judith D. Schwartz is an author who tells stories to illuminate scientific concepts and nature-based solutions. A widely published journalist,[...]
Jessica Norwood
Named to Essence Magazines “50 Entrepreneurs to Watch” list, Jessica Norwood is a financial activist, impact investor and social entrepreneur.[...]
Mita Mallick
Mita Mallick a corporate change-maker with a track record of transforming businesses and cultures. Mita is a passionate storyteller who[...]
Reem Hassani
Reem Hassani is Co-Founder and Chief Brand Officer of Numi Organic Tea. She started Numi with her brother, Ahmed Rahim,[...]
Dr Stephanie Shipp
Stephanie serves as Director, Operations & Planning, Dell Technologies Services Portfolio Management and is an adjunct professor. She is a[...]
Jewel Grandberry
Jewel Grandberry is a CEO/ Founder of A Seat at the Table Series and Black Women Network in which she[...]
Amber Smith
Amber has been ranching in rural communities for 14 years with her husband and two young children. Her passion is[...]
April Martin Chalfant
April is the daughter of a Montana rodeo and ranching legacy family, an enrolled member of the Northern Cheyenne Tribe[...]
Angela McElwee
A nearly 30 year veteran of the natural products industry, Angela most recently served as the CEO and President of[...]
Erin Sojourner
 Erin is VP of Brand Strategy + Innovation with HB Specialty Foods and Among Friends. She serves on the board[...]
Genevieve Gilbreath
Genevieve Gilbreath has been an active entrepreneur in the consumer goods space since 2002. From her experience launching and growing[...]
MaryAnne Howland
“First and foremost, I am a storyteller for social change, creating stories that reflect human value. Culturally sensitive communications and[...]
Magdalena Urioste
Magdalena is an uncompromising and passionate custodian of Nature. She studied Agricultural Sciences at the University of the Republic of[...]
Lisa Pumphrey
Lisa Pumphrey is the CEO and founder of Lickinghole Creek Craft Brewery (LCCB). LCCB is the first farm brewery in[...]
Sheryl O’Loughlin
Sheryl O'Loughlin — an accomplished entrepreneur known for leading with bold humility rooted in love — introduced her first book,[...]
Jovan Sage
Jovan Sage’s days are steeped in transforming seeds into plants and plants into enriching teas, hearty medicine and delicious dishes.[...]
Matthew Raiford
Early in 2018, Matthew Raiford was shocked when the news came down from New York that he had been named[...]
Charles Eisenstein
Charles Eisenstein is a cultural philosopher and the author of several books, including Sacred Economics, Climate: A New Story, and[...]
Will Harris
Will Harris is a fourth generation cattleman, who tends the same land that his great-grandfather settled in 1866. Born and[...]
Konda Mason
Konda Mason is a social entrepreneur, earth and social justice activist and spiritual teacher. Her work sits at the intersection[...]
Tieraona Low Dog, MD
Tieraona Low Dog, MD is a physician, author, and thought leader in integrative medicine. Her background in herbal medicine, midwifery,[...]
Robyn O’Brien
A former financial and food industry analyst, Robyn O’Brien has been called “food’s Erin Brockovich” by the New York Times[...]
Bob Quinn, PhD
Robert “Bob” Quinn—the 2007 recipient of the Montana Organic Association Lifetime of Service Award—is a progressive leader in promoting organic[...]
Justin Duncan
Justin has a BS in Agronomy from Prairie View A&M University, an 1890 Land Grant Institution, and an MS in[...]
Sara Newmark
Sara Newmark is VP of Social Impact for MegaFood. Leading the development of MegaFood’s social responsibility and environmental sustainability efforts,[...]
Dan Fitzgerald
Dan's reason for being is to create a harmonious existence, for all beings and the planet, now and for future[...]
Ryan Zinn
Ryan Zinn manages Dr. Bronner’s international organic and fair trade supply chains in Africa, Asia and the Pacific. Ryan has[...]
Nicole Silk
Understanding how people relate to water and what water needs to remain healthy has been a central tenet of Nicole’s[...]
Colleen Kavanagh
Colleen has dedicated her life to improving nutrition quality in food to provide the foundational support people and communities need[...]
Stephen Hohenrieder
Stephen serves as the CEO of Grounded Capital Partners, which invests long-term private capital along the value chain of our[...]
Andrew Hebard
Andrew Hebard is President & CEO of Natures Crops International. Founded in 2004, Natures Crops is a vertically integrated and[...]
Tim Gordon
Tim Gordon became President at CBDRx and Functional Remedies in 2017 and is now serving as Chief Science Officer.  Born[...]
Annie Brown
Annie has been the Director of Development at Rodale Institute since 2012. For over 70 years, Rodale Institute has been[...]
Tom Newmark
Tom Newmark spent fourteen years in the natural products industry, helping to build New Chapter into a premier brand in[...]
John-Paul Maxfield
In 2009, founder John-Paul Maxfield left the world of private equity without a clear plan for his future. He did[...]
Jamal Lucas
Mr. Jamal Lucas is a global impact investor with a strong interest in sustainability and natural resource supply chains. He[...]
Corey Vernon
Corey is a Senior Associate at Radicle Impact Partners, which provides early stage growth capital for transformative companies in the[...]
Rob Schuham
Rob is Co-Founder of COMMON, a global community and design accelerator for socially responsible organizations. Rob has also worked on[...]
David Levine
David Levine is the co-founder and President of the American Sustainable Business Council, a coalition of business organizations and businesses,[...]
Max Neumeyer
After graduating from Colorado College in 2009, Max worked on Capitol Hill before joining Teach For America. He taught middle[...]
Erik Bruun Bindslev
Erik is the founder of MERIKA, London. He is also a brand advisor and venture partner.MERIKA Advisory has decades long[...]
Erin Callahan
Erin is the Director of the Climate Collaborative, responsible for management and execution of the Collaborative’s work, including all programming,[...]
Alex Hanifin
Alex Hanifin, a native of Boulder, CO, has been in the natural products industry for just over 10 years. Alex[...]
Reyna Bryan
Reyna Bryan is the president of RCD Packaging, a sustainable packaging innovation and supply company.  (  Reyna's expertise is in[...]
Jane Franch
Jane Franch is the Director of Strategic Sourcing & Sustainability at Numi Organic Tea. Jane works closely with Numi’s suppliers—from[...]
Abbey Smith
Abbey serves as the Savory Global  Network Coordinator. She is also owner and operator of the Jefferson Center for Holistic Management[...]
Isaac Nichelson
An innovative leader and progressive entrepreneur with 25 years of apparel industry experience. Isaac is known for propelling cutting-edge product[...]
Wendy Millet
Wendy Millet brings 20+ years in conservation, a lifetime working with horses, and a passion for impact to her work[...]
Pablo Munoz Ledo
Pablo is formerly the founder and leader of an integrated marketing group in Mexico City, in the early 90’s Pablo[...]
Greg Pinch
Greg Pinch is a senior member of Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetic’s Ethical Sourcing team. Through an innovative mix of funding,[...]
Mimi Hillenbrand
Mimi Hillenbrand has been running the 777 Ranch for the family for 15 years and has worked on the ranch[...]
Meri Lillia Mullins
Meri Lillia Mullins is the founder of Growing Resilience and the manager of Lighthearted Ranch in Longmont Colorado. Through her[...]
La Rhea Pepper
La Rhea Pepper is the Managing Director and a co-founder of the global non-profit Textile Exchange and an advocate for[...]
Thea O’Carroll
Thea O’Carroll, Founder, CEO & Farmer, Yield Organic, manages her family farm in Northeast Nebraska and is finishing her 11th[...]
Alyssa Harding
Alyssa serves as the Executive Director of the Sustainable Food Trade Association, a membership organization that represents organic companies in[...]
Christophe Jospe
Christophe Jospe is an analyst, storyteller, marketer, and fundraiser for solutions that can remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. At[...]
Diana Rogers, RD
Diana Rodgers, RD, is a “real food” nutritionist and sustainability advocate near Boston, Massachusetts. She’s an author of three books,[...]
Meagan Schipanski
Dr. Meagan Schipanski is an Associate Professor in the Department of Soil and Crop Sciences at Colorado State University. Her research[...]
Luke Smith
Systems ecologist, educator, and designer with over a decade of experience working with brands, farmers, investors and non-profits to identify[...]
Nova Covington-Halter
Nova Covington is the Founder and CEO of Goddess Garden, the leading reef-safe sunscreen brand for sensitive skin. As a[...]
Megan Meiklejohn
​Megan Meiklejohn is a sustainability professional in the fashion industry, focused on creating positive impact through regeneratively grown fibers and materials. Her[...]
Daniel Liptzin PhD
Dr. Daniel Liptzin serves as the soil health indicators assessment project lead scientist for the High Plains as Project Scientist[...]
Rose Marcario
Rose Marcario is President and CEO of Patagonia, she joined in 2008 as COO and CFO.  Since her taking the[...]
Dr. Helen Crowley
Dr. Helen Crowley joined Kering in November 2011 and is the Head of Sustainable Sourcing Innovation. Prior to Kering, Helen[...]
Edouard Rollet
Edouard Rollet, Co-Founder, Alter Eco Americas, Inc., is a seasoned social entrepreneur, brand builder, leader and innovator, Rollet has brought[...]
Natalie Reitman-White
Natalie Reitman-White is the Vice President of Organizational Vitality and Trade Advocacy at Organically Grown Company, one of the largest[...]
Winona LaDuke
Winona LaDuke is Anishinaabe, a farmer, writer, and economist who has worked for decades on the restoration of Indigenous seed[...]
Victor Friedberg
Victor has been at the forefront of innovation, investment and sustainability for over 20 years. As Co-Founder of S2G Ventures[...]
Ethan Steinberg
Ethan is a startup growth expert who is focused on turning ideas into reality. He is a Managing Partner &[...]
Eric Thalken
Eric Thalken lives in the practical center of human energy and skill, machines, money and biological diversity, with the mission[...]
Amy Hall
Amy serves in the new role of Vice President, Social Consciousness for women’s clothing designer EILEEN FISHER.  In this capacity,[...]
Charles Massy
Charles Massy gained a Bachelor of Science at Australian National University (ANU) in 1976 before going farming for 35 years[...]
Vicki Goldstein
A lifelong ocean advocate, Vicki earned a Master’s degree in marine policy from Yale University. Working for the National Oceanic[...]
Kenneth Lee
Kenneth Lee is Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Lotus Foods, one of the most innovative, organic and fair trade specialty rice brands[...]
Megan Weidner
Megan Weidner joined Bunge North America in 2015 as the vice president, corporate responsibility and sustainability. Megan is active in the industry[...]
Jenni Harris
Jenni Harris, Will's middle daughter, is the fifth generation of the Harris family to tend cattle at White Oak Pastures.[...]
Jeff Moyer
Jeff Moyer; Executive Director, Rodale Institute: Jeff Moyer is a world-renowned authority in regenerative organic agriculture. His expertise includes organic[...]
Paul Rice
Paul Rice is Founder and CEO of Fair Trade USA, the internationally-acclaimed social enterprise and leading certifier of Fair Trade[...]
Maria Uspenski
Founder and CEO Maria Uspenski is the innovative force behind our Steepware® designs. Drawing on her background as an MIT[...]
Jeanne Wilson
Jeanne Wilson is the Associate Director of Brand Marketing at Kashi, a company founded on the belief that food should[...]
Philip Taylor
Philip Taylor, Ph.D. is executive director of Mad Agriculture, which he co-founded with his life partner, Nicole Brinks, to create[...]
Ethan Soloviev
Ethan Soloviev is a farmer and Executive Vice President of Research at, where he manages the world’s largest product[...]
Calla Rose Ostrander
Calla Rose Ostrander is a Climate Change Innovations Advisor to individuals and organizations dedicated to stabilizing Earth’s climate. From 2008-2016[...]
Rebecca Burgess
Rebecca Burgess is the Executive Director of Fibershed, and Chair of the Board for Carbon Cycle Institute. She has over a[...]
Galit Laibow
Galit Laibow is the chief executive officer and co-founder of Foodstirs, where she’s taken a no-holds-barred approach to reinventing the[...]
Cara Chacon
As Patagonia’s VP of Social and Environmental Responsibility, Cara leads a team of professionals that set strategy and implement Patagonia's[...]
Alison Czeczuga
Alison is the Director of Social Impact & Sustainability at Gaia Herbs, a leading US herbal products brand whose purpose[...]
Carlotta Mast
Carlotta Mast is the senior vice president of content and insights for Informa’s Global Health & Nutrition Network, which includes[...]
Erin Stokes, ND
Erin Stokes, ND is the Medical Director at MegaFood, and a registered Naturopathic Doctor in the state of Colorado. Dr.[...]
Hammad Atassi
Hammad Atassi is CEO of the American Sustainable Business Council (ASBC), the leading policy advocacy group representing the interests of[...]
Lani Estill
The Bare Ranch in Surprise Valley, California is the headquarters for the Rambouillet sheep operation and Lani’s Lana~Fine Rambouillet Wool.[...]
Scott Miller
Scott is the Director of Business Development at the Sustainable Apparel Coalition where he is focused upon growing membership and[...]
Erin Heitkamp
Erin Heitkamp is the Senior Vice President of Impact at Pipeline Foods. She has worked in the fields of corporate[...]
Marci Zaroff
Marci coined the term and pioneered the market for ECOfashion, and is an internationally-recognized ECOlifestyle entrepreneur, educator and expert. Founder[...]
Mark Stavro
Mark Stavro is senior director of marketing for Bunge’s North American operations. Bunge North America is a leading innovative food[...]
Lara Dickinson
Lara has nearly twenty years of consumer packaged goods marketing, sales, and general management experience with an emphasis on bringing[...]
Chris Kerston
Chris Kerston has dedicated his life to helping connect innovative ranchers and farmers with progressive brands in ways that create[...]
Matthew Reynolds
Matthew Reynolds is acting President and Co-Founder of INDIGENOUS Organic + Fair Trade Fashion, a pioneer and leader in the[...]
Jim Kleinschmit
Jim is CEO and co-founder of Other Half Processing SBC, producer of identity-preserved byproducts from the “other half” of regenerative,[...]
Janice Hall
Janice Hall is President, Natural Network International since 1991 -- a business development, marketing and trends forecasting company, specializing in[...]
Elena Lécué
Elena Lécué is a mission-driven executive in the organic and natural products and consumer packaged goods industries.  As EVP of[...]
Amy Keller
Amy Keller, CCN, is the Director of Education and Training for ORGANIC INDIA. With a background in nutrition science and[...]
Carol Shu
Carol is the Senior Manager of Global Sustainability at The North Face, where her work spans all aspects of TNF’s[...]
Deanna Bratter
Deanna Bratter is the Senior Director of Public Benefit and Sustainable Development for Danone North America, the largest public benefit[...]
Dave Haynes
Dave Haynes is co-founder of rePlant Capital, a new impact investment group focusing on soil health and regenerative transition at[...]
Hazel Henderson
Hazel Henderson D.Sc.Hon., FRSA, is the founder of Ethical Markets Media LLC and the creator and co-executive Producer of its[...]
Larry Kopald
Considered a leading brand-building architect, Larry Kopald spent over twenty years at some of the world's leading advertising agencies overseeing[...]
Aria McLauchlan
Aria McLauchlan is the Co-Founder & Executive Director of Land Core, a non-profit organization advancing soil health policies and programs[...]
Alisa Gravitz
For thirty years, Alisa Gravitz has led Green America, the national green economy organization. Green America develops marketplace solutions to[...]
Elizabeth Candelario
Elizabeth has worked at the intersection of food, climate, and agriculture for the past fifteen years. She is Chief Strategy[...]
Phil Graves
As head of corporate development, Phil reports to Patagonia’s CEO and plays a significant role in investments, innovation, strategy, and[...]
Tina Owens
Tina Owens is the Senior Director of Food & Agriculture Impact for Danone North America, the largest public benefit corporation[...]
Daniela Ibarra-Howell
A native Argentinean, born and raised in Buenos Aires, Daniela is an agronomist by profession and holds a MS in[...]
Katherine DiMatteo
Katherine DiMatteo is the Executive Director of the Sustainable Food Trade Association as of November 2013. She has worked in[...]
Greg Fleishman
Fleishman has created and grown some of the world's largest and most successful brands during his 20-year career - launching[...]
Katie Forrest
Katie is the Co-Founder and Chief of EPIC Provisions, a company specializing in creating nutrient dense meat based superfoods. EPIC[...]
Woody Tasch
Woody Tasch is the Founder and Chairman of the Slow Money Institute and author of Soil: Notes Towards the Theory and[...]
Timothy LaSalle, Ph.D.
Since 2007 Dr. Timothy J. LaSalle has championed his science-based hope for a regenerative food system that will mitigate climate[...]
Rebecca Hamilton
Rebecca Hamilton is an owner and the co-CEO at Badger in Gilsum, New Hampshire. She oversees new product innovation from[...]
Steve Farrell
Steve Farrell is the Worldwide Executive Director for Humanity's Team, a global grassroots spiritual movement focused on awakening and embodying Oneness[...]
Lauren Ivison
Lauren Ivison joined Ridgeline Ventures in 2016 with broad transactional and advisory experience across finance, law, and management consulting. Prior[...]
Marc Ian Barasch
In 2006, Marc Ian Barasch founded one of the pioneering organizations of the global regeneration movement, the Green World Campaign,[...]
Finian Makepeace
Finian Makepeace is the co-founder of Kiss the Ground and a renowned presenter, media creator, and thought leader in the[...]
Nova Sayers
Nova Sayers is passionate about building integrity, health and sustainability in our food & agriculture system - in a way[...]
Steve Savage
As former founder and CEO of Eco-Products, Steve has been instrumental in increasing awareness of environmental issues and sustainability for[...]
Steve Hughes
Steve Hughes is a pioneer in the natural and organic food and beverage industry with over 35 years of experience.[...]
Tracy Miedema
Tracy Miedema is Vice-President of Innovation & Brand Development at Presence. In this role she is responsible for optimizing the[...]
Keith Paustian, Ph.D.
Keith Paustian is University Distinguished Professor at Colorado State University, in the Department of Soil and Crop Sciences, and Senior[...]
Walt Freese
Walt Freese has served as the CEO, or President of three iconic businesses that have each played an important role[...]
Mila Popovich, Ph.D.
MILA POPOVICH, Ph.D., is the founder of EVOLvED Leadership – educational program, practice and community for transformational leadership on the[...]
Mark Shepard
Mark Shepard is the CEO of Forest Agriculture Enterprises LLC and founder of Restoration Agriculture Development. He runs New Forest[...]
Dan Kittredge
Dan Kittredge has been an organic farmer for more than 30 years, and is the founder and executive director of[...]
Scott Marcus
Scott Marcus is the VP Marketing for Vital Farms, the largest producer of pasture-raised eggs. He has spent the past[...]
Kyle Garner
Kyle Garner is the CEO of Organic India USA.  Organic India is a leading mission-driven manufacturer of herb-based wellness teas[...]
Brook Eddy
An interest in community development and a passion for travel led Brook Eddy to India in 2002 to research a[...]
Mark Guttridge
As a child, Mark Guttridge lived a typical country kid’s life on his grandmother’s 6 acres of land off of[...]
Les Szabo
Les is currently Director of Constructive Capital at Dr. Bronner's. He oversees business development activities for the company, which includes[...]
Richard Eidlin
Richard is the Vice President for Policy and co-founder of the American Sustainable Business Council (ASBC), which represents over 225,000[...]
Eric Pierce
Eric is a strategic marketing and market research professional who brings business management experience and consumer behavior perspectives to his[...]
Gregory Landua
Gregory’s passion for creating healthy relationships through trade and agriculture has lead him on a journey to explore all phases[...]
Lisa Stokke
Lisa Stokke has been a lifetime advocate for healthy food systems and through this commitment co-founded Food Democracy Now!, a[...]
Ralph Freelink
Ralph Freelink is a transformational coach, healer and teacher from Amsterdam, The Netherlands. He has a passion for assisting leaders[...]
Mark Lipson
Mark's 35-year career spans the vanguard of the organic movement including: the early UCSantaCruz Agroecology Program, co-founding the Molino Creek[...]
Sara Harper
Sara has been described by friends as “a force of nature.” She is a passionate advocate for great ideas and[...]
Steve Hoffman
Steve serves as Founder and Managing Director of Compass Natural, a full-service public relations, marketing, brand communications, and strategic business[...]
Victoria Keziah
Victoria Kindred Keziah is a twenty-five year strategist with a proven history of building businesses from the bottom up. She[...]
Kate Dillon Levin
Kate Dillon Levin is the VP of Marketing for North America at Ecosphere+, a venture founded by the award winning[...]
Jeff Herrick
Jeff Herrick is a soil scientist USDA-ARS in Las Cruces, New Mexico and holds adjunct faculty appointments at NMSU and[...]
Claudine Schneider
Former (R) US House of Representative from Rhode Island, Claudine is an enlightened leader in Climate, Energy, Environment and Ecological[...]
John Fullerton
John Fullerton is the founder and president of Capital Institute, a collaborative working to illuminate how our economy and financial[...]
Vince Siciliano
As President and CEO, Vince Siciliano leads New Resource Bank, a certified B Corporation, in serving values-driven companies and organizations[...]
Silencia Cox
Silencia Cox is the inspiration for, and now CEO of Motherlove Herbal Company, a family business that began in a[...]
Kiran Stordalen
Kiran Stordalen is the Co-owner of Intelligent Nutrients, a certified organic health and wellness beauty and lifestyle company headquartered in[...]
TC North, PhD
Dr. TC North is co-author of the Amazon bestseller, Fearless Leaders, a high-performance executive coach and leadership speaker. Dr. North[...]
Stacy Malkan
Stacy Malkan is co-founder and co-director of U.S. Right to Know, a nonprofit food industry research groups that advocates for[...]
Lisa Turner
Lisa Turner is a chef, nutritionist, food writer and product developer in Boulder, Colorado. She is the co-founder and recipe[...]
John Roulac
John W. Roulac is founder and Chief Hemp Officer of RE Botanicals, the Pure Organic Hemp Apothecary brand. In 1999,[...]
Justin Bley
Nearly 15 years ago while exploring southern Brazil, Justin Bley embraced the magic of Yerba Mate. As an outdoor enthusiast,[...]
Linda Appel Lipsius
Linda Appel Lipsius is a serial entrepreneur. She is Co-Founder & CEO of Teatulia Organic Teas, the mamahood and Teatulia[...]
Chris Feuille
Chris Feuille, founder and president, started WB Kitchen in 2012 with his wife Anna. Creating is what Chris enjoys best.[...]
Joshua Onysko
As the founder and CPO of the award winning Pangea Organics™ brand, Joshua Onysko is a skin care authority with[...]
Errol Schweizer
For over 18 years, Errol Schweizer has dedicated his career to improving the natural and organic food industry. As Whole[...]
Bill Weiland
Bill Weiland is President and CEO of Presence Marketing / Dynamic Presence. After nearly a dozen years working in the[...]
Esther Park
Esther is the CEO of Cienega Capital, a regenerative investment firm utilizing an integrated capitalapproach to systemic change in the[...]
Maria Rodale
Maria Rodale is the CEO and Chairman of Rodale Inc., the global voice for health and wellness with a mission[...]
Zhena Muzyka
Zhena Muzyka is a socially responsible business leader who founded Zhena's Gypsy Tea in 2000 and pioneered fair trade in[...]
S. David Freeman
S. David Freeman was appointed chairman of the Tennessee Valley Authority by Jimmy Carter in 1977. He was named an “eco-pioneer”[...]
Alex and Ana Bogusky
After making advertising history as a founding partner of the world’s most awarded agency, Crispin Porter + Bogusky, Alex Bogusky[...]
Hunter Lovins
Hunter Lovins is President of Natural Capitalism Solutions. NCS helps companies, communities and countries implement more sustainable business practices profitably.[...]
Andrew Kassoy
Before leaving the private sector to form B Lab with two long-time friends and college mates, Jay Coen Gilbert and[...]
Nick and Helen Forster
Nick and Helen Forster, are co-producers of eTown, a nationally syndicated radio show heard on more than 300 stations across[...]
Jenn Vervier
Jenn Vervier started on the bottling line at New Belgium Brewing Company 20 years ago. She became NBB's first Chief[...]
Michael H. Shuman
Michael H. Shuman is director for research for Cutting Edge Capital, Business Development Director for Business Alliance for Local Living[...]
Horst M. Rechelbacher
A pioneer in plant-based personal care and aromatherapy, Horst M. Rechelbacher (1941 – 2014) was an active environmentalist who changed[...]
Brendan Synnott
With a penchant for entrepreneurship and a love of the outdoors, Brendan Synnott has been merging his passions; he has[...]
Arran and Ratana Stephens
Arran and Ratana Stephens have dedicated their lifework to sustainable agriculture and business through their family-owned company, Natures Path Foods,[...]
John Elstrott
Dr. John Elstrott has served as the Chairman of the Board of Whole Foods Market since 2009 and has served[...]
Bill McKibben
Bill McKibben is a writer, activist and co-founder of A scholar-in-residence at Middlebury College, McKibben is the author of[...]