Upcoming Events

Women Leading Regeneration on The Land Summit

October 1st, 12-3pm MT

The Women Leading Regeneration on the Land Virtual Summit is Regenerative Rising’s celebration of the spirit and power of women leading from within a diverse spectrum of industries and backgrounds. We will explore the vital role of women in designing organizations, businesses, and our own lives from a worldview of potentiality, and using relational, regenerative and holistic principles that foster the healing of the land and people. This session will be hosted by Daniela Ibarra-Howell, Co-founder & CEO of Savory Institute.

Regenerative Earth Summit

October 29th & 30th, 10am-2pm MT

The Regenerative Earth Summit 2020 is accelerating the conversation from regenerative learning to regenerative action!  From the why to the how!  We are re-imagining the Summit as an opportunity to engage regenerative leaders in a creational effort, focused on addressing key obstacles to regenerative implementation. Our goal, through a highly co-creational design structure, is to collectively clarify these challenges and then employ our community's unique genius in order to proffer working solutions that drive real-world results.  

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