Alison Czeczuga is a lifelong plant lover who turned her passion for the natural world into a career. She currently serves as the Global Sourcing & Sustainability Manager at Gaia Herbs, where she works closely with Gaia’s local and global partners on sourcing high quality medicinal plants while leading the sustainability strategy across the company. As a community developer, Alison has worked with farmers and artisans around the world, from Jamaica to Ethiopia, to develop business strategies that advance the economic impact of rural livelihoods while fostering ecological conservation. After working as a full-time organic farmer in rural West Virginia, Alison settled in North Carolina where she has continued her work in utilizing nature’s gifts as a driver for economic and social change. For four years, she worked for the NC State Extension Service in Western North Carolina where she worked to advance organic agriculture systems and alternative crop research & marketing, specifically medicinal herbs and native plants of the Southeast. Alison holds a Bachelor’s degree in International Development from George Washington University, and currently lives just outside of Asheville, NC, where she and her husband are homesteading on three acres with the company of two dogs, five goats, and flock of chickens.


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