Alison Czeczuga 

 March 20, 2018

Alison is the Director of Social Impact & Sustainability at Gaia Herbs, a leading US herbal products brand whose purpose is to connect people, plants, and planet to create healing. Alison leads the company’s sustainability strategy and programs, ensuring Gaia’s business operations create positive environmental and social outcomes. In this role, she is responsible for driving innovative busines solutions that enhance personal and planetary well-being while addressing some of the world’s most pressing problems such as climate change disruptions, biodiversity conservation, equity, and social justice.

Prior to joining Gaia Herbs, Alison spent 15 years working across business, non-profit, and government sectors in various capacities to develop programs that improve the economic and ecological livelihood of producer communities around the world. Alison lives with her family in the Blue Ridge mountains of Western North Carolina, where she enjoys spending time in nature, whether foraging in the woods or walking the Gaia Herbs Farm.



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