Aria McLauchlan 

 June 20, 2017

Aria McLauchlan is the Co-Founder & Executive Director of Land Core, a non-profit organization advancing soil health policies and programs that create value for farmers, businesses and communities. In her role at Land Core, she has shepherded the organization’s rise to the center of the national soil health conversation. She guided the successful passage of language in both the House and Senate in 2019, supporting soil health at the USDA, and built a broad coalition of farmers, businesses, NGOs and academics to help secure over $50M in federal investment in soil health in the 2018 Farm Bill. 

Aria has worked intensively on U.S. food and agriculture systems since 2015, emerging as a sought-after expert in soil health. Until 2016, Aria served as communications director of a nonprofit organization promoting healthy soil. In this role, she directed the launch of “The Soil Story,” a petition campaign that resulted in the passing of the California Healthy Soils Initiative. In 2018, Aria was selected as a 2018 Exchange Fellow at the Stone Barns Center for Food and Agriculture. 

Aria previously spent a decade working in business development, branding and marketing, primarily on social impact campaigns for global brands and non-profits.


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