Arran and Ratana Stephens 

 March 1, 2012

Arran and Ratana Stephens have dedicated their lifework to sustainable agriculture and business through their family-owned company, Natures Path Foods, based in the Pacific Northwest. Founded in 1985, today Nature’s Path stands as the largest independent, fair trade, certified organic, non-GMO breakfast foods company in North America. Through Ratanas keen business acumen and determined leadership, Arrans strong sense of ecology and entrepreneurial spirit, and their combined dedication to a life of sustainability, personally and professionally, they have created a sustainable business that is now being passed on to their children. Together, Arran and Ratana have four children, two of whom are directly involved in leadership operations of the business.

Ratana, an award-winning entrepreneur, received the YWCA Woman of Distinction Award and Bright Lights Award from the Pacific Immigrant Resource Society. Arran grew up on his family’s organic farm – the inspiration behind Nature’s Path – and is author of The Compassionate Diet, founding member of the Non-GMO Project, and board member of the Rodale Institute.

As pioneers of the organic movement, Arran and Ratana continue to advocate for sustainable agriculture, plant-based eating practices, womens entrepreneurship, and following the path of leaving the earth in better condition than one finds it.


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