Brook Eddy 

 January 20, 2017

An interest in community development and a passion for travel led Brook Eddy to India in 2002 to research a movement based on the principles of Bhakti, or devotion through social action. While there, she fell in love with fiery masala chai and it enveloped her senses in a way that she couldn’t forget years after returning home.

Realizing there was a hole in the chai market for fresh, preservative-free spicy chai, Brook concocted her own blend and bottled her brew into mason jars with handwritten Hafiz poetry labels and gave them to family and friends as holiday gifts. The taste inspired cravings beyond belief, and before she knew it she was delivering bottles of Bhakti Chai concentrate to local cafés. In 2006, Bhakti Chai was born with the vision of creating social action within enterprise. Today, Bhakti Chai continues to brew fiery chai from small batches with fresh-pressed organic ginger and Fair Trade Certified black tea, and the Bhakti philosophy drives the company’s business practices.

Brook Eddy has a graduate degree in Social Policy and Non-Profit Management from the University of Michigan. Whether managing corporate contributions for Bank One or as a Development Director for reproductive justice organizations and an NPR news station – Brook has spent her career working for social change through nonprofits, businesses, and NGO’s. Brook is the mother of 8-year-old twins, a youth soccer coach, a spicy food enthusiast, practices yoga and chess, and lives in Boulder, Colorado.


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