Cole Bush 

 September 17, 2020

A self-deemed ‘urban shepherdess’, Brittany Cole Bush, AKA Cole is a regenerative agriculture and land management specialist. Cole aids in the development of prescribed grazing programs for public safety and ecological enhancement. She also specializes in building stacked agricultural enterprises and is the Owner/Operator of Shepherdess Holistic Hides, working with byproducts from the meat industry to produce luxury homegoods. She is also spearheading the launch of a start-up prescribed grazing business, Shepherdess Land & Livestock Co. to serve the Ojai Valley, in support of the community’s wildfire resiliency. Her on-the-ground experience includes the development and implementation of large-scale prescribed grazing programs in the Bay Area of California as the Project Manager for Star Creek Land Stewards (SCLS), a premier contract grazing operation in Los Banos, CA. During her tenure with SCLS from 2012-2016, she oversaw contract grazing programs impacting over 2,000 acres of private and public lands on an annual basis for vegetation management, ecosystems services, fire fuel load reduction, invasive species management, and biological enhancement, using upwards of 2,400 head of sheep and goats in over six counties. Clients include private land owners & managers, public agencies and municipalities such as: CalTrans, PG&E, East Bay Regional Parks District, East Bay Municipalities, Santa Clara and San Mateo Parks & Recreation, the City of Lincoln, and a number of land trusts throughout the greater Bay Area, CA. Cole’s academic background is in Agroecology and Sustainable Development and she received a Bachelor's degree from University of California, Santa Cruz. Additional studies include: Urban Planning at the College of Environmental Design at the University of California, Berkeley; Architecture at the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México in Mexico City; and extensive technical training leading to accreditation as an Accredited Holistic Management Field Professional & Educator with the Savory Institute.


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