Dr. Helen Crowley 

 October 8, 2018

Dr. Helen Crowley joined Kering in November 2011 and is the Head of Sustainable Sourcing Innovation. Prior to Kering, Helen was
 Associate Director at the Wildlife Conservation Society for eleven years.
 She has a background in field-based conservation and development
 projects particularly in Africa and Madagascar, as well as
 market-based conservation initiatives and designing corporate-NGO
 partnerships. Helen has also worked as a consultant to several
 corporations where she was responsible for helping them implement
 sustainability strategies.

 During her tenure at Kering, Helen has been advising and supporting
 Kering’s brands with a focus on 
innovative cross-cutting sustainability solutions, including
 sustainable sourcing and manufacturing processes, to help guide the
 Group’s overall sustainability strategy and program implementation.

 Helen holds a PhD in Ecology from the Australian National University.
 She is on the board of the Textile Exchange Europe, The Wildlife
 Friendly Enterprise Network and the International Union for Conservation of Nature US, and actively participates in international
 forums such as CITES, IUCN, CBD, BSR and SAC, to name a few.


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