Edouard Rollet 

 September 29, 2018

Edouard Rollet, Co-Founder, Alter Eco Americas, Inc., is a seasoned social entrepreneur, brand builder, leader and innovator, Rollet has brought more than 20 years of experience to Alter Eco Americas Inc., the company he co-founded in 2004. With a vision to change the world and introduce delicious, nutritious and environmentally responsible products, Rollet has recently shifted his focus with fellow Co-Founder, Mathieu Senard, to establish the Alter Eco Foundation. The foundation is a non-profit vehicle for social and environmental change set to launch in 2019.

A passionate advocate for social justice, Rollet is also a proponent for child protection, development, and issues that pertain to the inequalities between North and the South. Rollet has traveled extensively in developing countries and worked in multiple organizations in Southeast Asia.

Prior to launching Alter Eco in the US, Rollet was a Senior Trade Attaché at the French Embassy in New York where he specialized in foreign investments, new ventures, media, marketing and mass retail. He has also consulted for the communications department of the UNICEF in Dakar, Senegal. Rollet holds an MBA from The European Institute of Business (IEA-Paris) and a MA in Mass Communications from the University of Florida.

Born in Lyon, France, Rollet moved to the US 20 years ago. An enthusiast of van life and the outdoors, he enjoys traveling and exploring street food and novel lifestyles around the world. Rollet resides in Mill Valley, Calif. and is married to Ilse Keijzer, founder of Alter Eco Pacific, which serves the Australian and New Zealand markets.


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