Erica Mellon 

 April 20, 2023

Erica Mellon is the Events and Communications Manager at Regenerative Rising. Residing in Boulder, Colorado, Erica is a versatile creative activist who is passionate about writing, filmmaking, photography, multi-media artistry, gardening, and herbalism. 

Erica attended Quest University Canada where her self-directed interdisciplinary education was guided by the question, “How can stories reconcile?” and focused on the intersection of documentary film, comparative mythology and Indigenous studies. She is committed to harnessing the power of story to foster a sense of community and unity, and uplift the Regeneration movement.

As a highly skilled storyteller, Erica has a talent for crafting compelling narratives that inspire others to take action. Her skills as a filmmaker, photographer, and multimedia artist have allowed her to share stories in a variety of formats - from short films to social media impact campaigns and multi-day marches and events. She helped to coordinate and film a 22-day march with Coextinction Foundation to save the orcas and salmon, produced and directed content to support Indigenous elders and wisdom keepers to build a healing house in British Columbia, and helped to coordinate a 6-month impact film lab  for underrepresented high-school students in Los Angeles with Creative Visions Foundation. 

In addition to her work, Erica is  deeply passionate about spending as much time as possible outdoors - and spends her free time hiking, skiing, sailing, climbing, gardening, reading and frolicking in nature.


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