Jamal Lucas 

 May 12, 2019

Mr. Jamal Lucas is a global impact investor with a strong interest in sustainability and natural resource supply chains. He specializes in applying holistic market-based best practices to developing resilient communities across the globe. His practice integrates best in class technology assets in the strategic planning, business development and partnership models for clients targeting the requirements for U.N. Sustainable Development Goals. He is currently a partner in Phoenician Trading Unlimited, a mineral trading company operating in subsaharan Africa.

Prior to working with Phoenician Trading Unlimited, Mr. Lucas was a partner in the Lucas Smith Group (LSG), a Wall Street- based international currency consulting firm. He leadership positions at energy and other regulated industry companies. In this capacity he developed pilot project finance deals for joint venture partnerships with Investment banks and Private Equity firms. He has accumulated an extensive Sustainable Development Goal I.P. catalogue that has a market value in excess of $1billion USD.

Prior to working with LSG, Mr. Lucas worked as a currency trader with REFCO a New York based financial services company that was the largest broker on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. In this capacity, his primary responsibilities included advising clients on technical and sentiment risk tools for minimizing investment losses in international transactions. Other responsibilities included identifying tax advantaged emerging market municipalities for institutional clients from petroleum producing nations in the Scandinavian region Mr Lucas has been a goodwill ambassador for the Republic of Namibia and The African Union’s Pattec Initiative.


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