Jeremiah McElwee 

 November 17, 2020

A twenty seven year veteran of the Natural Products industry, Jeremiah has been on all sides of the business and supply chain, literally from seed to shelf.

Part of the initial startup team at Thrive Market, Jeremiah currently serves as the Chief Merchandising Officer there. Thrive Market is the largest retailer of Non-GMO foods in the USA and focuses on the mission of democratizing access to healthy products for all Americans.

Jeremiah curated Thrive’s first catalog offering and developed the Quality guidelines that still drive product purchasing today. In addition to offering thousands of the highest quality natural & organic branded products on the site, Thrive Market has also launched nearly 700 private label products across all categories with another 500+ in development. Thrive Market is one of the first brands to launch regenerative organic products while focusing their operations to be zero waste as well.

Prior to Thrive Market, Jeremiah served for 7 years as the Executive Global Coordinator for the Beauty, Apparel & Wellness categories at Whole Foods Market. During his tenure, he pioneered multiple, industry changing, quality standard initiatives including natural beauty standards, organic labeling requirements for personal care, and the largest ever sustainable packaging guidelines for a major retailer. Jeremiah is also a passionate advocate for and co-creator of Ethical Trade standards that changed the natural products landscape.

In addition to developing hundreds of best selling branded products that currently line natural food store shelves and managing the Whole Foods & 365 private label brands, he also helped Dr. Andrew Weil develop his branded product platform. He has also advised and supported several entrepreneurs on their journey to market and scaling.

When not working in the industry he loves he can be found in the Texas Hill Country practicing hot vinyasa yoga, reading children's books to his daughters, or checking the surf report and planning his next escape to the coast. 


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