Jim Kleinschmit 

 January 28, 2018

Jim is CEO and co-founder of Other Half Processing SBC, producer of identity-preserved byproducts from the “other half” of regenerative, organic and other more sustainably raised livestock. OHP’s mission, as a Minnesota Specific Benefit Corporation (SBC), is to create high value and high quality products in ways that are ethical and respectful to the animal, and support regenerative farmers, ranchers and agricultural systems. Providing needed infrastructure around segregation, aggregation and processing, and focused initially on the hide, leather and pet food sectors, Other Half Processing’s goal is whole animal valuation and zero waste.

Jim (and brother/OHP co-founder Mark) were raised on a Nebraska family farm by parents who were early leaders in regenerative agriculture. Jim is also a co-founder and director of Regeneration Farms LLC, producer of Tree-RangeTM chicken and perennial crops. He spent nearly 20 years at the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy (IATP) promoting resilient rural communities and farming systems, including development and oversight of the WLC/nonGMOplus program (a certified nonGMO sustainability program created in 2006), and the launch of the Rural Climate Dialogues in 2014. Jim resides in Minneapolis with his wife and two sons.


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