Kate Dillon Levin 

 January 1, 2017

Kate Dillon Levin is the VP of Marketing for North America at Ecosphere+, a venture founded by the award winning Althelia Climate Fund, whose mission is to grow markets that value carbon and incentivize sustainable business models.  Kate has worked on REDD+ and sustainable land use for the past nine years at Fundacion Natura Bolivia, UNDP Equator Initiative, Code REDD, and Stockholm Environment Institute, focusing on scaling and mainstream private sector support for sustainable land use finance.

Kate earned a Master’s in Public Administration in International Development from the Harvard Kennedy School in 2009 where she co-authored a prize-winning thesis on REDD+.  Kate’s interest in sustainable land use and community-led economic development follows a long career as a fashion model during which she was known as a ground-breaker and a passionate advocate for environmental and humanitarian causes.  In her spare time, Kate can be found tap dancing, knitting, and playing outside with her son at home in Seattle.


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