Konda Mason 

 July 19, 2019

Konda Mason is a social entrepreneur, earth and social justice activist and spiritual teacher. Her work sits at the intersection of the next economy, social justice and spirituality. She is a Co-Founder and founding CEO of Impact Hub Oakland,​​​ a beautiful co-working space supporting socially engaged entrepreneurs and changemakers. She is the Project Director of the Runway Project Oakland, a micro-lending fund for African American entrepreneurs intended to close the “Friends & Family” funding gap. Additionally, Konda is the co-founder of the annual COCAP (Community Capital) conference in Oakland, with a focus on “Building The We Economy”. Konda currently is a co-founder of Jubilee, LLC an investment platform and transformational community for investors who want to create a 100% impact “Beautiful Portfolio” and protect what is sacred.

An avid Earth activist, Konda leads annual eco-tourism trips to the Amazon rainforest of Ecuador in order to wake people up to become active stewards of this vital earth ecosystem that is being threatened by the extractive oil industry.

In her social justice work, Konda sits on the Diversity Working Committee at Spirit Rock Meditation Center and helped craft a comprehensive Diversity Equity and Inclusion plan (DEI) that is being adopted by many other organizations. Additionally, she teaches workshops on transforming racial fear into curiosity, engagement and personal commitment to facing injustice.

Konda holds a Permaculture Design Certificate, is a certified Kripalu yoga teacher and a Vipassana meditation teacher. She sits on the Board of Directors of the Good Work Institute, The On Being Project, United Roots and Spirit Rock Meditation Center, where she is in a four-year Dharma Teacher Training with Jack Kornfield as her personal mentor.

Konda’s work is fueled by a passion to create a world that is environmentally regenerative, spiritually fulfilling, and socially & economically just.


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