Larkin Martin 

 April 29, 2022

V. Larkin Martin manages Martin Farm, a family farm in Courtland, Alabama. The farm operates on owned and rented land. Their primary crops are corn, cotton, soybeans and wheat. She is also Chairman of the Board of Servico, a cotton ginning and agricultural services business located in Courtland. In addition to her farming responsibilities, Ms. Martin holds and has held a number of positions off of the farm. She is a director and the immediate past Chairman of The Farm Foundation, a non-partisan accelerator of practical solutions for agriculture based in Chicago and a Director of The Soil Health Institute based in Cary, NC. Current non-farm responsibilities include serving as a of Director of Rayonier Inc.(RYN) a timberland REIT based in Jacksonville, FL and Truxton Trust, a private bank and trust company in Nashville, TN.

A partial list of past responsibilities includes serving as a Director and past Chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta, a Director and past Chairman of The Public Affairs Council of Alabama, a Director and past Chairman of The Cotton Board, the national check-off program for cotton, a Director of Africa Harvest, an NGO based in Kenya that helps to bring innovative agricultural technologies to smallholder farmers in Africa, Director of The Alabama Chapter of The Nature Conservancy and a Director of Leadership Alabama. Ms. was named an Eisenhower Agricultural Fellow in 2012.

After graduating from Vanderbilt and prior to returning to the farm Ms. Martin lived in Washington, DC and held jobs in at the US Treasury Department and with Arthur Andersen. She is married to John Thornton and they have 4 children.


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