Lisa Pumphrey 

 September 25, 2019

Lisa Pumphrey is the CEO and founder of Lickinghole Creek Craft Brewery (LCCB). LCCB is the first farm brewery in the state of Virginia. Lisa has a forestry degree specializing in wildlife biology and attended Vermont Law School and the University of Richmond Robins School of Law. She focused her conservation efforts on for profit solutions to keep land in agricultural use, conserve habitat and build the public's attachment to the intrinsic value of open space. 

Lisa saw farm breweries as a tool to promote increased revenue for the small farmer via value added goods. She wrote the zoning code and lobbied its passage for agricultural by right use for farm breweries in Goochland County. Lisa built Lickinghole Creek Craft Brewery on 220 acres (now 315 acres). The brewery operates with positive biological impacts. It typically takes 8:1 ratio of water use to one beer produced in a brewery. Lickinghole Creek is different; the beer is sourced from two wells on site and a water treatment system treats and returns the water waste to the water table. The agribusiness model was a success and Lisa took the business model to the state assembly and helped pass law to protect and allow farm breweries in all counties to have equal rights and protections, as wineries. 

Lisa has grown Lickinghole Creek into a multi-award winning brewery that distributes internationally and attracts agri-tourists and beer lovers from around the world to the brewery to showcase the beer and biological farming. The barley, wheat, rye and hops, blueberries and other crops are used in the beer produced; the spent grain is given to local farmers to feed their livestock or is composted; the community rallies and shares ideas over a pint surrounded by nature's offerings, like fields of sunflowers and beautiful sunsets.

Lisa has opened a satellite brewery in a urban redevelopment area and helped stabilize an inner city Richmond, Virginia neighborhood. All business is designed to operate for profit and still have a positive global impact. 

Lisa works internationally to spread the connection of plow to pint and pint to community. She and Richard Marley Booker are currently working towards applying this business model in Jamaica to help revitalize and stabilize the village of Nine Mile, where Bob Marley was born and is buried. 

Lisa is also owns First Necessity LLC and is working to educate the world and apply practices to support the philosophy: Healthy Soil; Healthy Civilization.

Lisa is also the single and proud mother of three. 


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