Lisa Stokke 

 January 5, 2017

Lisa Stokke has been a lifetime advocate for healthy food systems and through this commitment co-founded Food Democracy Now!, a nonprofit organization of 750,000 members where for 9 years she advocated and brought awareness to the importance of organic and regenerative agriculture through progressive policies and regulations that benefit family farmers, citizens and the environment.

She is also the founder and executive director of Next 7, an organization dedicated to reorienting our collective focus to the benefit of future generations through the advocacy of ideas and solutions that empower prosperous and sustained societal systems on our shifting planet Earth – launching Fall, 2017 with a campaign to preserve integrity of the Organic label.

Her passion and skill in plant medicine has also led her to start a new venture, Temple Tree Aromatics – a company that sources sustainably wildcrafted and organic botanical essential oils offering functional blends that she has perfected over her 20 years experience with aromatherapy.

Her work through Food Democracy Now! has been featured in the book Modified (2016), and also in the New York Times, NPR, Politico and numerous other national publications. She was also recognized in Shape magazine as “Mom of the Year” and a “Woman Making a Difference”. She has spoken at numerous conferences as an environmental, food and agriculture activist throughout Europe and across the U.S.

She is an Iowa native and a mother of four who lives near Boulder, Colorado.


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