Paul J Lynch 

 March 19, 2021

At his core, Paul Lynch is an activist/artist/academic. He utilizes the power of story to solve problems, build awareness, and inspire change. Throughout the years, he struck the delicate balance between working in a studio agency and boardroom setting to some of the harshest disaster and/or war-torn areas of the world. The manifestation of this work lives in Cage Free Productions, a storytelling agency upholding social justice, human rights, and sustainability principles with the power of Human-Centered Production. It’s a process pairing human-centered design principles with the authentic storytelling production process. At its root, Human-Centered Production utilizes the power of story to foster connection, build organizational culture, and gain strategic insight, while still making dope videos.

Whether Paul was working as a storyteller, an organizational strategist, adjunct faculty, documentary filmmaker, social entrepreneur, or as a facilitator, everything was in support of his vision for a more Cage Free World. The belief is that, across the globe, far too many people find themselves living in physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual cages. He is committed to help break these structures and to uphold social justice, human rights, and sustainability. These three pillars serve as the foundation from which all his work derives.

All jargon aside and most importantly, Paul lives in Santa Barbara, CA USA with his wife and two kids; he’s an avid surfer and intrepid explorer of the world.


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