Episode #24 – June & Angie Provost 

 March 9, 2021

In this episode of Regenerative Rising Podcast – Elevating Stories Activating Change, Jessie Deelo debuts as a guest host with June and Angie Provost, Co-Owners of Provost Farm. Not only are June and Angie multi-generation sugarcane farmers, but they are also cultivators of an agriculture operation and activism hub that aims to preserve the ancestral legacies of South Louisiana’s Black and Brown farmers and farmworkers. As Deelo explains, the Provosts “provide resources that promote land equity and food security to assist in effective change towards justice for all people” in order to accomplish this goal.

Join us in listening to June and Angie speak on their experience with predatory lending schemes, their current projects, and what BIPOC farmers need from food companies and brands who are interested in creating a thriving BIPOC supply chain. Deelo and the Provosts reflect on the mental toll shrinking your farm can have, Black masculinity, true reparations for racial discrimination in the agricultural space, the importance of listening to fellow farmers and lifting each other up, the Justice for Black Farmers Act and a new wave of young BIPOC farmers.

We invite you to sit down with us to listen to voices that are all too often suppressed and learn about the struggles and triumphs of Provost Farm in New Iberia, Louisiana.

Regenerative Rising Podcast
Episode #24 – June & Angie Provost


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