Regenerative Earth Summit - Farm to Brand 

December 1st and 2nd, 10am-2pm MT

About The Summit

The Regenerative Earth Summit 2020 series is accelerating the conversation from regenerative learning to regenerative action—from the why to the how.  We are offering the Summit as an opportunity for you to engage with other regenerative leaders in a creational effort, focused on addressing key obstacles to regenerative implementation.  

Our goal, through this 4-part series of content and collaboration, is to collectively clarify these obstacles and to employ our community’s unique genius in order to accelerate working solutions that drive real-world results.  

The second in the series, December 1 and 2, 2020, entitled Farm to Brand, will focus on the efforts and challenges farms and brands face in driving greater implementation of regenerative production across their organizations.  And we’ll address opportunities for collaboration between and support of these two key activators in regenerative implementation.

Why This Summit?

The Regenerative Earth Summit offers a unique opportunity to not only learn more about the implementation of regenerative principles in the business community, but to help create solutions to the current industry-wide bottlenecks that restrict broader adoption.  Through inspiring keynote content and panel discussions, we’ll seed the framework and set the stage for multi-stakeholder discussions that lead to profound insights and workable solutions in the name of a brighter agricultural future.  These working groups will focus on finance, supply chain, regulatory, farming, technology, marketing and much more.  This is an opportunity to connect with other industry leaders, to create collaborative solutions and to help steer the next step in the regenerative evolution!

Who's Coming?

The Regenerative Earth Summit convenes visionary leaders from the food and fashion industries, farmers, ranchers, entrepreneurs, investors, activists, and academics working collaboratively to tackle the audacious vision of shifting how agriculture is practiced. With mindfulness practice, interactive working sessions, Regenerative Slams, and panel conversations, colleagues will generate ideas and actionable steps to change the status quo and bring new vigor and rigor to sourcing and partnerships across sectors.  By working collaboratively across and within industry sectors, we accelerate the systems change we need to see in a regenerative future.

If you are bold, impassioned catalyst for change — this event welcomes YOU.

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