Rose Marcario 

 October 29, 2018

Rose Marcario is President and CEO of Patagonia, she joined in 2008 as COO and CFO.  Since her taking the helm, the company has quadrupled sales and profits.  Rose created the company’s first in-house venture fund, oversaw the development and creation of Patagonia Provisions, an organic regenerative food company, and has championed the benefit corporation movement, resulting in Patagonia becoming the first legal benefit corporation in California.  Upworthy named her one of the 9 most inspiring CEO’s in America.  President Obama honored her as a Champion of Change for Patagonia’s family-friendly work policies, Fast Company named her one of the most creative CEOs of 2016.  Just recently, Patagonia was named in the top ten Innovative companies in the world for its work in regenerative agriculture, activism and green supply chain innovation.  Under her leadership, she has deepened Patagonia’s commitment to environmental activism and using business as a force for good.


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