Seleyn DeYarus is Founder and Executive Director of At The Epicenter. She is known for her passionate enthusiasm about how together, we CAN catalyze a vibrant, inclusive, healthy and future-positive reality for people and all life. Seleyn advocates business and organizations be conscientious to what matters by adhering to principles of stewardship in guiding choices toward regenerative impacts. Seleyn was co-owner and CEO of a Certified B Corporation, Best Organics, Inc, an all-organic on-line gift basket and brand promotion company, which she sold in 2016. She was the Development Director for The Organic Center, a 501c3 scientific research organization. She was co-owner and Managing Partner of Compass Natural Marketing, a boutique PR agency serving the Natural and Organic Products Industry for eleven years. Seleyn served as a White House intern under the Reagan administration in the President’s Speech Writers Research office, where she was personally selected by President Ronald Reagan. Seleyn serves on the Advisory Board of the Prairie Dog Coalition of the Humane Society of the United States. She has a B.A. degree from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, where she was elected President of the Student Government Association. She has lived in Colorado for twenty-six years, enjoying the beauty and power of the Rocky Mountains and the majestic and endangered prairie ecosystems, which are home to the prairie dog and many other threatened species for which she advocates for better stewardship to ensure it is there for generations to come. She loves tending her rose and vegetable gardens, reading, yoga, playing with her furry feline children and enjoying deep conversations with her husband of multiple decades, Matthue.


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