Andrew Hebard 

 May 26, 2019

Andrew Hebard is President & CEO of Natures Crops International. Founded in 2004, Natures Crops is a vertically integrated and rapidly growing, science based, natural products ingredients business. At NCI, sustainability, traceability, safety and reliability of the supply chain are essential. Hebard believes that by incorporating principals of Regenerative Agriculture, NCI’s mission of being more engaged in how the natural products industry can take greater responsibility for its role in protecting the biosphere will be enhanced.

Hebard is active in natural resource management & forestry and a keen outdoorsman & environmentalist. A native of the UK, he is married with two daughters and lives in NC. His qualifications are BSc. in Agriculture and Honors in Marketing from Seale Hayne Agricultural College.

“When I’m not running a company, I’m playing in the dirt, growing unusual crops to make really smart ingredients. When I’m not playing in the dirt, I’m traveling the oceans looking for really feisty fish. When I’m not traveling in the oceans, I’m thinking about other really unusual crops to grow. An entrepreneur combining business, nature and wellness…with fun and indomitable spirit.”


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