Aymeric Maudous 

 January 25, 2021

Aymeric holds 2 Master’s Degrees: one in International Marketing, completed in San Francisco, his second Master’s in Environmental Management from the University of New South Wales in Sydney-Australia. 

He’s had an extensive career as a brand marketer for Renault, Disney, Louis Vuitton and more recently EcoXpo (pronounced Eco Expo) in Melbourne, Sydney and Perth, allowing those equally committed to sustainable living to showcase how easy and achievable it is for consumers and businesses alike. This successful expo ran for 6 years before he sold the business to focus on other entrepreneurial pursuits.

Aymeric has been recently hand-picked to be part of an international cohort of sustainability experts to participate in the Climate Reality Leadership Course lead by Al Gore. 

A couple of years ago, Aymeric started Lord of the Trees, a global ecosystem restoration project that combines precision drone technology with the knowledge of environmental experts, scientists, engineers and indigenous communities to replant seeds and grow new ecosystems in deforested areas worldwide. In a nutshell, he plants trees and crops with drones.


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