Bill Weiland 

 February 1, 2015

Bill Weiland is President and CEO of Presence Marketing / Dynamic Presence. After nearly a dozen years working in the natural products industry in varied roles in sales and retail, Bill launched Presence Marketing in January 1990. He is surrounded by a dedicated cast of creative and intelligent people who carry out the mission of bringing healthy products to consumers with great energy, passion, and resolve. Bill's passion for sustainable agriculture, healthy foods and integrative medicine are key drivers behind his commitment to continue building Presence Marketing / Dynamic Presence, the only independently owned nationwide natural and organic products brokerage in the United States.

Named by Forbes Magazine as one of the "Top 25 Most Influential "Kingmakers" in Consumer and Retailer Companies," Bill Weiland has grown Presence Marketing / Dynamic Presence into the largest independent natural and organic products brokerage in the U.S. In working with leading national brands as well as successful startups, Bill has a keen eye on consumer and product trends driving the rapidly growing healthy lifestyles market. Bill also is a leading supporter of consumer transparency and GMO labeling.


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