#2 – Robyn O’Brien 

 May 8, 2019

Have you had a food awakening? How about a fashion awakening? Or as a consumer have you just been consuming and not thought about where items come from. Farmers and the soil that they steward are directly responsible for most of the daily activities that we enjoy, starting with eating and getting dressed. Join Seleyn DeYarus and Robyn O’Brien in conversation about food, farming, and policy that is awakening to the best interest of Americans.

Known as Food’s Erin Brockovich, Robyn O’Brien has sounded the alarm and now discusses the Regenerative Movement as a solution to a broken food system. Honoring and valuing the insight and wisdom on the farm where farmers know that their soils are depleting, Robyn calls for a shift in thinking that is better for the soil, one that requires a shift from supporting crop insurance programs to supporting farmers with capital aligned with Organic and Regenerative goals that heal.

Regenerative Rising Podcast
Regenerative Rising Podcast
#2 - Robyn O'Brien



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