Christiana Musk 

 September 22, 2020

Christiana Musk is a food nerd and the founder of Flourish*ink, a platform for catalyzing conversations on the future of food. She is also curator of food content for the Near Future Summit and serves on the board of Unreasonable Group, an accelerator and syndicate for entrepreneurs offering solutions to global challenges.

Previously, Christiana Musk was the Executive Director of Food Choice Taskforce, a focused initiative on sustainable consumption and led the food system program for a private foundation where she helped to develop award-winning research on livestock and climate change. Her food policy research at City University of London, which analyzes competing world views on meat and sustainability, was awarded the British Farmer’s Livery WCF Prize for best dissertation to contribute to food and farming in the UK.
Musk was a co-founder of, an early online social network for people who want to change the world, which was sold to Gaiam, inc. in 2007 and a founding partner of the leading clean energy retail company in the country, Green Mountain Energy, which sold to NRG inc. in 2011. Since 2008, Musk has been an operating partner at Satori Capital. Musk has also been writing about sustainability, clean tech, and food issues for the Huffington Post since 2006, contributes to the World Positive, and Future of Food platforms on Medium and has worked on or advised several documentaries and their social action campaigns.
A sought-after public speaker, she has presented to audiences around the world from the United Nations to the Aspen Ideas Festival, the EAT Forum, and Summit Series. Christiana Musk's unique perspective has landed her on the cover of Kiplinger's and inside The New York Times, C Magazine, the Dallas Morning News, and The Herald Tribune, among others.
Christiana grew up between Texas, California, Italy and Switzerland and now resides in Boulder Colorado with her husband food entrepreneur Kimbal Musk, founder of The Kitchen Restaurant Group, urban farm incubator Square Roots, and Big Green—the largest learning garden non-profit in the world. They have four delightful children and enjoy cooking and hiking and singing Johnny Cash duets together.


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