#4 – Jon Bansen 

 July 15, 2019

Regenerative Rising Podcast
Regenerative Rising Podcast
#4 - Jon Bansen

Jon Bansen, an Organic Valley Cooperative Farmer, is a cornerstone of wisdom on the value of pasture to the health and wellbeing of his herd. Urging 100% grass-fed, Jon believes his real job is to get out of the way and let a cow do hers while he focuses his attention on organic land management practices. A Fourth generation dairy farmer, the Bansen Family deepens their commitment to the landscape and fosters a path for others to do the same. Join Seleyn DeYarus on Regenerative Voices™. Elevating Stories. Activating Change. A Podcast by At The Epicenter and listen to Jon’s compelling story about how he makes sure his Double J Jerseys have as bio diverse an environment as possible and how this kind of agriculture is good news and full of joy.



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