Dr. Dianne Regisford 

 April 21, 2022

Dr. Dianne Regisford is a mother, dynamic social sculpture practitioner, social impact entrepreneur, cultural diversity advocate, racial equity strategist, poet and energy healer.

Dianne is invested in regenerative ARTivism for belonging, advocacy and Indigenous Diaspora Knowledge making for minoritised communities in urban place-making. Dianne ‘works into the unknown’ using the imagination to curate equitable, participatory spaces for evocative exploration and courageous conversations about power and privilege, racial justice and cultural transformation for an equitable and just society.

Inspired by African indigenous knowledge systems, cultural practices of storytelling and spirituality, Dianne’s creative works churn the soul soil of African-Diaspora lived experience by co-creating new narratives as pathways to socio-cultural renewal, power and sovereignty.

Currently based in Oxford, UK, Dianne identifies as a first generation Black British woman of African Caribbean heritage. In her lifetime, Dianne has lived across countries and continents. Her advocacy, commitment and passion for racial equity and cultural diversity forms part of a devoted life mission to engage issues relating to power and sovereignty. Dianne works with the socio-cultural fabric of AfricanDiaspora voice, (re)constructed identity and embodied, cultural placemaking in urban spaces. She is passionate about women and particularly interested in the experiences of African feminist perspectives of gender and sexuality, power and privilege.

Her artistic practice includes; poetry, painting, sculpture, performance and energy healing. Her auto-biographical works pivot around her on-going thesis titled: The Urban Indigene – a transformative inner locale for
imaginative explorations and evocations of belonging. This towards the co-creation of urban Indigenous Diaspora Knowledge Systems.

The UbuntuSphere
Dianne is a profound believer in Ubuntu, the African Bantu philosophy translating to ‘humanity’ and interconnectedness. Her leadership style, politics and advocacy are anchored in Ubuntu.

Dianne is the originator of the UbuntuSphere – a curated space; physical and virtual – for equitable, imaginative and emobodied enquiry to address root causes of othering and discrimination through cultural and poetic acts of encounter. Focusing on a decolonial social justice agenda, Dianne brings together minoritised, underserved communities and agents of government to commune, connect and co-create regenerative approaches to building a just, equitable and humane society.


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