18 Sep 2020

Erin is VP of Brand Strategy + Innovation with HB Specialty Foods and Founder and CEO of Modus Operandi. With over 30 years of experience in the farming and natural products industry, Erin has been privileged to wear a spectrum of hats. At a young age, she began studying horticulture/soil science, operated an organic farm/nursery and co-founded a local farmer’s market. It was through this lens of needing to develop her own markets and educating the masses, as a farmer, that positioned her for a deeper dive into the food industry, the farmers that grow it and the soil that sustains it all.

Her experiences led to a position with Brad’s Raw Foods, as a Project Manager for the Biodynamic Kale Chip Initiative for WFM in which she created strategic media content, as well as organized collaborative live events to support the relationships between farmers, food producers and the marketplace.

Most recently, she served as the Director of Business Development for Demeter USA, where she invested 6 solid years creating programs for farmer education, raw materials matchmaking and the supportive criss-crossing strategies for building national and global supply chains. She became a member of Demeter International’s Marketing Committee to bring awareness to the Biodynamic Certification through various platforms of marketing and messaging. She also ran three distinct U.S. trade committees, which were focused on consumer education and brand awareness as it pertained to the Demeter Seal. Historically, the Demeter/Biodynamic Standards represent the “oldest ecological certification system” in the world. These efforts offered her the opportunity to work with farmers all over the globe, which consisted of hundreds of brands in the natural products arena and a plethora of values aligned organizations in the new found regenerative movement.

Currently, Erin and her team at Modus Operandi are working with a multitude of international brands and farmers to create a few signature brands that embody the culture of the regenerative food movement. At the end of 2019, she signed on with HB Specialty Foods in Idaho, as their VP of Brand Strategy + Innovation where she is focused on grower groups, cutting-edge manufacturing, brand support, as well as novel and new ingredients. HB has made a pledge with the Climate Collaborative under the Agricultural Commitment. In addition, they are a collaborator with Green America’s Soil Carbon Initiative (SCI). In 2019, HB supported their clients in successfully launching 7 SKU's in the regenerative category. Erin is helping HB step up their game, internally and externally, by defining and expressing their company culture.


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