Ethan Steinberg 

 August 27, 2018

Ethan is a startup growth expert who is focused on turning ideas into reality. He is a Managing Partner & Co-Founder at Propagate Ventures, an agroforestry project development & farm management company focused on bridging the capital and operational needs for the integration of tree crops to farmland. Propagate is on a mission to make agriculture work for 100% of humanity, one farm at a time.

Ethan has helped scale ventures both domestically and internationally in industries such as the sharing economy, consumer packaged goods, and B Corp businesses. He holds a B.A. in Social Justice & Sustainability from Miami University and is an Advisory Board member at Purpose + Sport.

Ethan is passionate about building purpose-driven businesses and enjoys living at the intersection of regeneration and technology. At Propagate Ventures, Ethan leads business development, marketing and growth strategy. He is also the editor of, a curated news hub on regeneration.


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