Gabriel Wilmoth 

 February 15, 2021

Gabriel works as a consultant and executive with agriculture-related companies and investors.

He currently serves on the Board of FluroSat, MicroTerra, and as the Interim COO of SomaDetect.

Previously, he was COO of the ag software and data analytics firm Growers, which was acquired by ICL in Feb 2020. During the time Gabriel served on the management team, the company grew from 13 to 44 employees, raised $13m from top-tier VC investors, and expanded acres under management by 5x to 20+ states.

Prior to joining Growers, Gabriel was an Investment Director at Syngenta Ventures, where he advised and invested in multiple technology start-ups.

His investment and board experience includes: Blue River Technology (acquired by Deere for $300m; AI ML precision spraying), GreenLight Biosciences (recently raised $100m round; low cost RNA), Agrimetis (synthetic bio; core assets acquired by BASF), Premier Crop Systems (precision ag data analytics), Sound Agriculture (formerly Asilomar Bio, sustainable crop inputs), and others.

He brings a cross-functional skill set that leverages a Harvard MBA with depth in agriculture, strategy, and operations leadership.

Colleagues and clients typically describe Gabriel as dedicated, analytical, and driven. 


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