Episode #20 – Laura Storm 

 September 22, 2020

In this episode of Regenerative Rising’s Regenerative Voices™ Elevating Stories Activating Change podcast, guest hosted by Elizabeth Candelario, Laura Storm, founder of Regenerators, provides advice for regenerative change agents on how to spark the regenerative transition within their work and organizations. Laura has spent her whole career working at the intersection of organizational development, sustainability, climate change policy, and innovation. Named one of the 30 leading women in sustainability and regeneration by Sustainable Brands and selected by the world economic forum as a young global leader, her life’s work is dedicated to the global transition to a sustainable and regenerative future. Laura discusses a brief history lesson behind the system-failures that we experience today, how we can all go about building regenerative life-affirming organizations, and the DNA of a regenerative business. Tune in and grab a pen and some paper while Laura shares some key tools we can all use as deep custodians of the planet.

Regenerative Rising Podcast
Episode #20 – Laura Storm



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