Gregory Adams 

 March 3, 2021

Gregory Adams is the president of CeresNexus LLC, and Planetary Harvest, companies which are transforming the global food chain through innovative structures, systems, technology, and tools. Local and global intent and collaboration is at the heart of this ecosystem that eliminates the need for pesticides and GMO seeds while improving health and sequestering maximum carbon. Gregory spent much of 2016/17 learning how biodynamic farms, conventional food processors, food banks, wholesale and retail markets in Southeast Asia, China, Middle East, North America and Europe could contribute to the emerging future of regenerative agriculture. Gregory is on a visionary’s quest to unify the global food system democratically and with heart resonance. He is committed to this viable economic opportunity through alchemic alignment of what’s best for people and the planet. In his spare time Greg can be found enjoying nature with family, or playing the piano on the world stage.


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