Jane Franch 

 April 17, 2019

Jane Franch is the Director of Strategic Sourcing & Sustainability at Numi Organic Tea. Jane works closely with Numi’s suppliers—from origin through manufacturing—to build strong partnerships and identify opportunities for shared impact using Numi’s business-for-good ethos. She helps brings new products into the world through formulation and supply chain development, ensuring delicious, mission-aligned innovation. Jane also guides Numi's sustainability strategy, overseeing climate action, packaging innovation, and socially responsible sourcing. Prior to Numi, Jane worked with clients large and small to develop, implement and maintain robust and credible ethical sourcing programs. Her work has taken her to five continents and countless villages, where she has had the privilege of getting to know the people and places that grow our tea, coffee, cocoa, hazelnuts, coconuts, mangos, and other delicious treats.


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