Episode #39 – Bill Reed 

 December 15, 2022

On this episode of the Regenerative Rising Podcast – Elevating Stories, Activating Change, host Nisha Mary Poulose, the Executive Director of Regenerative Rising, speaks with Bill Reed, Principal at Regenesis Group and Managing Director of The Place Fund about the development and design of ‘Place’ that can spark a co-evolutionary relationship between the human species and the living planet.

Bill is an architect and urban planner and speaks of the need for human communities to reconnect with their role on the planet, and that infrastructure projects can be an opportune acupuncture point for reconciliation with nature. We examine the topic of development, and discuss how dynamic stability is desirable for building in a regenerative manner.

Sharing both stories and incidents from his professional journey, Bill explains how each land-based project is different, and introduces the concept of ‘Place’ as an intervention point. He describes the ability of a project to inspire new ways of reconnecting with living systems, and transform human-place interaction from an “Episodic event” into a “Forever engagement.”

Join us as we explore the pathways in which we can embrace the cognitive dissonance of protecting nature while creating human shelter, and re-imagine the disruptive process of real estate development into an opportunity for regeneration.

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Regenerative Rising Podcast
Episode #39 – Bill Reed


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