Mark’s 35-year career spans the vanguard of the organic movement including: the early UCSantaCruz Agroecology Program, co-founding the Molino Creek Farming Collective, establishing the CCOF statewide office,  instigating the U.S.Organic Foods Production Act and midwifing the California Organic Foods Production Act, co-designing the Organic Farming Research Foundation programs and serving as OFRF Policy Director for 15 years.

In 2010-2014 he joined the Obama Administration as the first USDA Sustainable and Organic Agriculture Policy Advisor under Deputy Secretary Kathleen Merrigan, co-chairing the USDA Organic Working Group and the Know Your Farmer,Know Your Food Task Force.

In 2017 Mark is back at OFRF as “Senior Generalist” and working on his 6th Farm Bill.  He still lives and tries to farm at Molino Creek Farm in Davenport CA.


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