Megan Meiklejohn 

 February 13, 2019

Megan Meiklejohn is a sustainability professional in the fashion industry, focused on creating positive impact through regeneratively grown fibers and materials. Her previous experience includes managing the Sustainable Materials & Transparency program at EILEEN FISHER, Inc., a New York based women’s clothing brand.  

With a degree from Pennsylvania State University in Environmental Resource Management, Megan began her career as a sustainability consultant to a diverse number of clients and projects; identifying energy, waste, and water saving opportunities, verifying product claims, and facilitating certification to various sustainability standards.

Megan joined EILEEN FISHER in 2014 with a focus on Supply Chain Transparency. Understanding that transparency is foundational to sourcing sustainable fibers and materials, Megan focuses on identifying and engaging with raw material suppliers who are creating a beneficial impact on the environment through organic, holistic, and regenerative practices. In the past few years, EILEEN FISHER has been able to nominate specific farmers and fiber networks, creating completely traceable supply chains for select organic cotton and regenerative wool qualities.

Megan is an advocate for using sustainably produced natural fibers to drawdown carbon and fight climate change.


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