#10 – Dr. Luc Maes 

 February 18, 2020

Originally from Belgium, Dr. Luc Maes is a Naturopathic Doctor with 30 years of experience in plant-based medicine and the natural products industry and is the co-founder of KAIBAE. Dr. Maes shares his African Baobab tree discovery and the journey that follows with host Seleyn DeYarus.

Learn how this sacred “tree of life” and other lost crops around the world, growing in abundance and undervalued, are essential to our eco-system.

Discover how an ideal business model is not only helping to preserve biodiversity and in turn our planet, but providing essential economic value to indigenous communities, as well.

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#10 – Dr. Luc Maes


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  • OMG, what a fun podcast (of course I am impartial because its me “Baobab Barb” here.) Thank you for sharing the KAIBAE journey and spending time with Dr. Luc! I loved the mix of both of your giggles and the serious tones too. As I am listening, Luc and our partner Tom Cole have just begun their long long journey home from 10 days spent in Africa in 100+ degree temps with the communities. I am so excited to send your podcast to their attention. Just yesterday, Tom posted his Community Impact Study. This is a very important piece to what we do, always asking ourselves, “Are we truly doing good work, are we able to make a measurable impact, are we making a difference?’ I will forward that study to you. Please feel free to share that on At The Epicenter and it will also be available on @gokaibae sm & the gokaibae.com website. Thank you again for your support and passion for plants, people and KAIBAE! In gratitude, Barb Maes

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