Natalie Reitman-White 

 September 27, 2018

Natalie Reitman-White is a leading executive and changemaker in efforts to make the food supply greener, healthier and more equitable.

Recently Natalie has shifted her focus to transformative new models of ownership and finance that bring the principles of regeneration into the board room, investment terms and balance sheets of companies to create deeper impact. In 2019 she co-launched Alternative Ownership Advisors to help leaders of private companies design and implement ownership and investment solutions that align with mission, accelerate impact and protect independence.

Natalie was Vice President of Organizational Vitality and Trade Advocacy at Organically Grown Company, one of the largest independent distributors of organic produce in the country. In 2018 she led a groundbreaking move to restructure company ownership under a Perpetual Purpose Trust, a form of steward ownership. This initiative was featured in Fast Company’s 2019 World Changing Ideas.

In addition to leading the ownership transition at Organically Grown Company, Natalie partnered with RSF Social Finance to support the launch of the Purpose Foundation to grow the steward-ownership movement in the U.S. through field building, infrastructure development, and investment.

Natalie holds a masters’ degree in environmental sociology. She founded and served as the Executive Director of the Sustainable Food Trade Association from 2008 – 2012 and has served on numerous advisory boards throughout the organic food sector. She is currently a Trustee of the Sustainable Food and Agriculture Perpetual Purpose Trust and is a member of Cohort 5 of the New Zealand Edmund Hillary Fellowship for Global Change Makers.


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