Episode #16 – Dan Kittredge 

 July 20, 2020

“Is it junk or is it food?” The answer may not be as obvious as you think. Join Seleyn DeYarus your host of Regenerative Voices™ Elevating Stories Activating Change Podcast as she sits down with Dan Kittredge Founder and Executive Director of Bionutrient Food Association to explore how not all food is created equal, and the groundbreaking method being developed that shows the measurable differences. Discover how rapidly we can rejuvenate the vitality of the planet as long as the notion of “we’re doomed” is abandoned, and learn how even land that has been written off because nothing grows has the ability to be teeming with life. In this candid conversation that brings the value of nutrient dense food front and center, you’ll realize how it connects to every aspect of life, and why we need to take action now to hold what’s being grown to the highest standard.

Regenerative Rising Podcast
Episode #16 – Dan Kittredge



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