#14 – Reem Hassani 

 June 16, 2020

Are they a tea company, or a company focused on service to our planet and its people? Join your host of Regenerative Voices™Elevating Stories Activating Change Podcast, Seleyn DeYarus, as she sits down with Reem Hassani, Co-Founder, Chief Brand Officer and Artist of Numi Tea to learn the encouraging answer to that question. Discover how a brother and sister partnership brought Iraq’s “tea of hospitality” to life in America via the edge of the Grand Canyon, why they ask suppliers “where do you get your water?”, and how their process of “letting nature speak for itself” makes their product so unique and special. Delight in Reem’s fascinating rituals (including losing her phone!) that ensures she achieves balance in life while co-running a successful organic products company. This heartening conversation brings to light the value of the artist’s spirit, and gives us a positive perspective on the omnipresent “fear of failure”.
Regenerative Rising Podcast
Regenerative Rising Podcast
#14 – Reem Hassani


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