Episode #25 Kristy Lewis & Dave Vetter 

 May 18, 2021

In this episode of Regenerative Rising Podcast – Elevating Stories Activating Change, guest host Jessie Deelo speaks with Kristy Lewis, Founder & CEO of Quinn Snacks, and Dave Vetter, Farmer and Founder of Grain Place Foods, about the transformative partnership between these two organizations. Kristy popped into the organic food industry with the first-ever, patented free-of-chemical and plastic coating microwavable popcorn bag and a commitment to make healthier gluten-free and grain-free snacks. Since starting her company 10 years ago, she has baked into the DNA of her business ingredient transparency, deep devotion to sourcing pristine ingredients, and even the determination to grow organic popping corn when no farmers were supplying it. Dave, and the Vetter family, are some of the original organic farmers in the United States. They founded Grain Place Foods as a cooperative of organic farmers who grow organic corn for popping, other grains and have access to the first-ever on-farm grain processing operation. As a well-respected pioneer and quite frankly an icon in the organic movement, Dave is the subject of a feature length documentary called Dreaming of a Vetter World produced on his life-long journey in experimenting with how to grow food in a way that is both regenerative to the soil and economically viable for the people who farm.

Join us in listening to Dave and Kristy reflect on how a simple Google search brought them together, the value of regenerative relationships over transactional relationships, the pressure to grow while maintaining a company’s values and mission, and reframing the regenerative movement in the context of what the land and the farmers need every day.

Regenerative Rising Podcast
Regenerative Rising Podcast
Episode #25 Kristy Lewis & Dave Vetter


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