Rachel Pretorius 

 April 21, 2022

At the impressionable age of thirteen, Rachel was uprooted from an active Gauteng social life and planted on a remote farm in the Eastern Cape. However, disruption proved indispensable, creating the conditions for growth and emergence: the process of something concealed becoming visible.

With the autonomy to design her own learning experience, Rachel developed her cooking and planning skills. As a young teen, with her sister’s help, she successfully managed the catering for 15+ people during regenerative training courses hosted on the farm. Her love for food prompted Rachel to consider a career as a chef, but her deep love for connecting with people ultimately steered her in another direction.

Drawn to diverse people connections, Rachel excels in facilitating and hosting virtual engagements. She works for nRhythm, an international group which designs regenerative organizations, and is also responsible for Communications at TruQuest.

A dog lover at heart, if not sipping tea with a friend, you will find Rachel running or hiking in the mountains with her beloved Irish setters as they range the grasslands looking for game birds.


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