Episode #21 – Paul Dolan 

 October 21, 2020

In this unique in-person episode of Regenerative Rising’s Regenerative Voices™ Elevating Stories Activating Change podcast, guest hosted by Elizabeth Candelario, Paul Dolan, Co-founder & Managing Partner of Truett Hurst Winery and a 4th generation wine grape grower and winemaker shares how regenerative practices can build resilience inside the culture of farming, and more broadly the culture of food and wine.

Paul shares the regenerative framework and specific regenerative practices that went into the 13-year development of his wine estate in Sonoma County from barren dirt to vibrant soil full of microbial life.  His lifelong work as a farmer and winemaker is a living testament to farming in a way that brings life, vitality, and full expression of place into a farm – a journey of stewardship that goes far beyond omitting chemicals from his land. Learn about Paul’s transition from conventional farming and how he discovered the direct relationship between regenerative farming practices and the increase in the quality of his wine, the quality of his soil, the quality of life of his animals, and the quality of life for the people who work on his farm.

Pour yourself a glass of wine and enjoy this profound lens into Paul’s journey of discovering what it truly means to be a viticulturist, business owner, and land steward in service of life.

Regenerative Rising Podcast
Episode #21 – Paul Dolan



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Episode #21 – Paul Dolan

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