Stephen Hohenrieder is the CEO and CIO of a single-family investment office where he oversees a portfolio that includes a range of assets, business interests and structures. He is an entrepreneurial investor who is particularly interested in companies, real assets and people that are financially focused but also strive to create social and ecological benefit.

Since 2008, Stephen has invested private capital along the value chain of our food system in ways that promote more regenerative land management practices, the production of healthy food at scale, and connect people to each. He has been exploring a thesis for how our food system is evolving, and how it is increasingly defined by fragmentation. This thesis is the foundation of an investment strategy that has included assets such a land, livestock and crop production, processing, supply chain infrastructure, services, technology and consumer packaged goods. Stephen has been focused on companies that are building authentic core brands through products that represent transparent, high-integrity supply chains from land to the consumer.

Stephen has served in a unique role that bridges production agriculture, consumer products, the capital markets, and impact-oriented values. His combination of experience, degree in agribusiness, systems approach to investing, and love of the land have enabled him to play a strategic role in building more regenerative food systems. He actively collaborates with other investors, funds, universities, and non-profits.


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