Thea O’Carroll 

 March 13, 2019

Thea O’Carroll, Founder, CEO & Farmer, Yield Organic, manages her family farm in Northeast Nebraska and is finishing her 11th organic growing season and continues to transition acres.

Knowing Farmers stand at the beginning of the food chain, her mission is to help Farmers maximize their number one asset, their land. Thea’s definition of success is taking good seed to great nutrition. Through insight into many common threads in the Ag industry, Thea has authored three ebooks and is the host of The Organic Advocate podcast.

Lessons learned through her organic transition experience, led her to combine her product development and farming background to start YieldOrganic, an online Ag Marketplace in order to bring people together to remove the barriers to producing, marketing and buying commodities.

Through The YieldOrganic Ag Marketplace, Thea helps to open the lines of communication to solve for the dichotomy of what Farmers grow and what Buyer’s need following a verifiable quality process to provide Buyers with a consistent supply of high-quality Organic, Regenerative, and Non-GMO commodities.

In speaking with farmers and buyers across America and due to consistent demand to catalyze Ag connections outside the scope of the YieldOrganic Ag Marketplace Thea has responded by launching Ag Possible. Through Ag Possible she designed a white-glove service for bringing people in agriculture together through tailored solutions around domestic production. Ag Possible assists food and feed brands to develop unique custom supply chain solutions. 

Ag possible also helps promote product innovation that supports regenerative farming practices, serves as an agency to bridge connections for cash-spot transactions, and growing contracts.

Thea is committed to fostering innovation and opportunity in American Agriculture. By building community in the industry she endeavors to catalyze necessary change to help and protect the land and farmers that steward it. 


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