Yoli Ouiya 

 March 23, 2021

Yoli Ouiya is a driving force in the Global Sustainability and Wellness movement.

Yoli’s interest in sustainability and wellness began with her desire to improve her personal health and culminated in becoming certified in Plant-Based Nutrition.She started to develop her brand as a digital creative and chef launching YolisGreenLiving.com, an eco-lifestyle portal dedicated to providing digitally engaged consumers with insights into green and wellness data. Soon after, Yoli was nationally recognized as the  “Queen of Green” by Black Enterprise Magazine, identifying her as a go-to social media presence for “green” insights. Most recently Yoli was selected as one of forty global leaders accepted into Yale’s inaugural Sustainability Leadership Summit.

Over the past three years, Yoli has continued to build her audience while touring the country as a media personality, consultant, and spokesperson currently representing Toyota’s Green Initiative. Her involvement in global sustainability initiatives have led to collaborations with leading retailers, brands, and organizations such as Duane Reade/Walgreens, Whole Foods, Aura Cacia, House of Marley, Dr. Oz, and Coalition of Healthy School Food. She also speaks on subjects ranging from personal wellness to environmental sustainability, and its intersection with technology and other niche topics.

A passionate entrepreneur and visionary, Yoli’s next venture is African Hippie, an eco lifestyle brand that empowers previously unserved demographics with wellness focused resources and products.


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